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Startups by Students

Startup Name:  NEARBYBAZAR 

http://bit.ly/nearbybazar - on play store

https://www.instagram.com/nearbybazar?r=nametag - 


Started by : KRATI TANDON

Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: kratitandon07@gmail.com

About the StartupNearbybazar is a platform where you can buy food, vegetables, groceries, fruits, medicines, and all your daily need items. So, you can available the service of pick up and drop. Basically, the nearbybazar is a digital bazaar and logistics service provider. Presently we are working in Moradabad.Currently we are tie-up with 100+ shops; we are providing banners, holding and flyer for their brand awareness. We also provide discount to our customers.It's not a stockiest based company, it's business model is asset lite and they pick up their stuff from local vendors and delivery it to the customer location for this we are taking  charge of 20% commission of all their items we can sold except groceries, For groceries we are taking charge of 5-10% commission.



Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: rubina20081999@gmail.com 

About the Startup :This has been dedicated to the inspirational human imagination that have invented artistic universe for whole human race. Through this the creator has tried to unravel different arts that have inspired her. Acc. to creator art is something super organic that binds the whole humanity together, cutting through race, caste, class, creed etc. They are the aesthetics that are common for everyone but still culturally closed in the ethnically defined ways, thus we say – beauty lies in the eye of beholder.



Started by : JASMINE MALIK

Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: Malikjasmine28@gmail.com

About the Startup :Poonam's handmade jewellery is all about wedding and other occaions jewellery it deals in all type goota and beads jewellery.Has a vast variety of colors and designs for occasions like mehendi, teej , vatna ceremonies and many more .




Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: anupreetsobti@gmail.com

About the Startup :Nothing rounds off a good meal better than chocolate. Chocolate is on the tip of everyone's tongue – not only as a gently melting treating but also as a gift of love to yourself. A little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness from your life. So why not try a healthier version of the same. Something which is nutritious and hygienic. So hereby presenting some of the self-made delicacies. All you need is Love and Donuts - Donuts made from whole wheat flour with a topping of Dark chocolate embellished with other varied flavors over it.There is no metaphysics on Earth like Chocolates - Chocolates adorned with the rich and delicious flavors of dry fruits, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal thereby transforming tastier to healthier and nutritious.Satisfy your sweet tooth with the crunchiness of Peanut Butter Cookies.In Life, much like Smoothies, you get

                            out what you put in. the richness of dark chocolate flavor graced with the tiny chips of semi-sweetened chocolate and pridely standing white Chocó chips holds a saliva rush to 

                            your mouth


Started by : JANNAT BIR

Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: jannatbirboparai@gmail.com

About the Startup :As the name suggests, the startup is about baking breads, cakes, muffins and more items. I like to experiment with flavors and  keep the ingredients fresh so as to deliver healthy and delicious baked goods. What’s different is that I not only deliver these on order but also take baking classes. The enterprise is on a small scale by far, yet doing well for a startup. The focus is to encourage local traders and promote the idea of health through customized cakes according to the one’s taste. Baking fills me with joy and what’s more joyous is the feedback I’ve got over time from my orders!


Started by : BABITA

Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: babitajoshi1610@gmail.com

About the Startup :Tuitions have been found as one of the most effective ways of helping students achieve their academic potential. For students struggling with a particular subject, teachers have more difficulty in giving them the attention and support they need in their regular classes at school. So, in an attempt to raise the students' academic results and minimize their pressure of exam stress, I have started tuitions at my place.I take up all subjects for classes 1-8 and Humanities for +1 and +2. Regular tests are conducted and feedback will be provided to the parents as and when required.



Started by : JASLEEN KAUR
Class : B.Sc.(Home science) 3rd year

EMAIL: jasleen31199@gmail.com

About the Startup :To change people’s lives by providing the best nutrition and weight management products. Nutritional products changed the lives of people and help people to manage their weight effectively. Our modern diet is lacking in nutrition that’s why our health suffers. We provide nutrition to people who want to feel good, look good, gain energy and pride their own. By addressing your specific nutritional needs and fitness goals. 


Startup Name: azadcouture

Started by : Jyothsna Azad
Class : B.Sc. Fashion Designing 3rd Year
Deals in : Fashion illustrations

About the Startup : Azad couture by Jyothsna Azad is all about fashion illustration, from basic figures to ramp walk dresses, it provides you with all the details of the subject and helps you become a good illustrator. The creator has referred to the number of books to provide you with the easiest and the best.

Startup Name: DESI GEMS (8,096 followers on Instagram)

Started by : Aayushi Maavi
Class : B.Sc. H.Sc. Composite 3rd year
Deals in : Jewellery

About the Startup : Desigems is a jewellery start up with jewellery for each generation, for every occasion and for your daily dress-up needs, initiated by the student of B.Sc (H.Sc) composite 5th semester. This venture deals in a variety of jewellery that includes kundan jewellery, junk jewellery and jewellery of AD (American diamond). It’s available on Instagram, Facebook and even sells through WhatsApp.

Startup Name: to_fha (173 followers on Instagram & 190 on Facebook ; 114 subscribers on YouTube)

Started by : Priya Gupta
Class : B.Sc. H.Sc. IDRM 3rd Year
Deals in : Customized gift items

About the Startup : to_fha which means gift, is a start-up that makes all types of handmade items for gifting. It’s products include explosion box, homemade chocolates, scrapbook, Dreamcatchers and many more gifting items. It aims to make customised items and spread happiness by sharing gifts.

Startup Name: Prachi Bhatnagar (55 subscribers on YouTube)

Started by : Prachi Bhatnagar
Class : B.Sc. H.Sc. IDRM 3rd Year
Deals in : Art and Craft Work

About the Startup : Prachi Bhatnagar is a youtube channel wherein art is expressed in a very creative way. It is very interesting and the viewers can learn a lot from it.

Startup Name: arts_villa00 (53 followers on Instagram)

Started by : Garima Madan
Class : B.Sc. H.Sc. IDRM 3rd Year
Deals in : Customized gift items

About the Startup : This start-up up sells of chocolates,art and craft products. There are many varieties of chocolates available. All items can be personalized as per occasion and needs of the customer. Handmade gifts and combos are also available in a very reasonable price.

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