Clubs & Societies

The Art Club encourages the club members for the exposure of creativity in the various field of art. The club student gets different opportunities by participating in the competitions and decorating the college campus on various functions organised in the college time to time. The active participation of students gives them Moral, Financial and Social support to them. The club provides artistic and creative assistance to the other departments of the college. The Art Club prepares the students for the Youth Festival Art Competition, Inter College and even for other functions organised by Chandigarh Administration like Urban Fest, Chandigarh Carnival and Rose Festivals of Chandigarh Administration and Punjab University.

The Art Club is also involved in students enriched programmes by conducting special lectures/workshops/seminars with experts from other renowned National institutions. With the help of creativity and art the students are able to release their stress and feel motivated for their future lives.


The Creatrix Club of the Department of Family Resource Management and Extension Education stimulates the student’s interest in creative and innovative ideas. The club attempts to inspire the students to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through a range of activities. It gives an opportunity to the students to develop their interactions among groups, enhance their creative skills, inculcate leadership quality and increase self confidence. It prompts the students to actively participate in the various activities of the club held throughout the year. Inter-class and intra-class competitions held by the club aids the students to identify diverse talents in themselves. This skill development empowers the students socially, economically and personally. To give hands-on experience to the students, the club organizes educational tours and visits to relevant industries and departments. The ultimate goal of the club is to create a pool of young, talented, creative and entrepreneurial minds.


The Department of Foods and Nutrition has an active club under which activities are conducted throughout the year. A culmination of knowledge and skill, the club aims to develop not just academic prowess amongst students, but also to provide a platform to showcase and develop their aptitude and expertise and help flourish them into becoming young and successful entrepreneurs. Celebration of Breast Feeding Week, National Nutrition Month (Poshan Mah), World Diabetes Day, Extension and Outreach Activities, Seminars and Workshops are some of the activities conducted by the Ginger Club.


  • Happiness and Well Being club of the HDFR department is continuously striving for creating and ensuring a stress -free atmosphere in the college.

  • It also aims at encouraging students to express their problems freely.

  • The club organizes various activities and workshops throughout the year to encourage students to inculcate confidence and possess zeal to live a meaningful and  happy life.

  • The activities conducted under the club ensure holistic development of the students so as  to enhance their overall experience of being a happy individual and to serve the society as an asset.

  • Celebration of happiness week, conducting of workshops and seminars are some of the activities conducted by the club.

  • The club also gives an opportunity to the students to develop their personalities holistically and also train them to introspect themselves so as to understand the actual meaning and significance of happiness.

  • The conclusive goal of the club is to create a healthy, positive and happy environment in the college

The Panache Club was established in the year 2008 by the Clothing & Textiles department. It organizes a number of activities during the session like Tex-Style Week, College Carnival, participation in Rose Festival and Annual Fashion Show- Aakriti, to display the talent of budding designers in the field of Fashion Designing. Students are encouraged by their respective mentors to develop different In-House products ranging from art of embroidery, fashion illustrations, draping to sewing skills. Creativity is also reflected through usage of recycling of waste products to usable items aimed at eco-friendly consideration of the environment. Under the umbrella of this club, the knowledge of the students in the related field is tested through fun-filled activity aimed at visual and cognitive learning in Clothing and Textiles. The club promotes cultural heritage and makes an endeavour to revive heritage art like Pakhi making, Phulkari, Bagh, Khiddo making and Naala making. Workshops like handling of Industrial Sewing Machines, Hand Painting, Portfolio Making and Photography are organized. Various industrial trips are also organized by the club to give the students practical exposure of the industrial production.


Music and Dance club focuses on encouraging the students to get exposed to the performances and competitions at different levels. It provides opportunities to Music and Dance lovers to prove their talent and it is a good platform for them to have their artistic exploration. By this club, students get opportunities to represent Home Science College in various reputed organisations.

This club actively participates in the day to day and annual functions of the college namely Independance Day, Orientation, Installation Ceremony, College Carnival, Sports day, Fashion show, Republic Day, Convocation, etc. The club provides musical assistant to the various departments of the college and prepare students of the college for the participation in Inter class, Intra class, Zonal, Inter Zonal Youth Festival, by giving them appropriate training as per the competition. The club also prepare the students to perform in various cultural festivals organised by the Chandigarh Administration such as Carnival, Urban fest, Antakshari in Rose festival etc.The Music and Dance club also organise Talent Hunt competition every year to give chance to the new comers of the college to exhibit their hidden talent and strength.The club also involved in studentenrichment programs (special lectures/workshops/seminars) with external expert and specialist practitioners from Indian classical music and classical dance field .Through the events of Music and Dance club the students are able to relieve their stress as well as build up and enhance their confidence.


The environment department, Chandigarh has enrolled the environment society of college “HARITA” for carrying out environmental activities in the union territory of Chandigarh for protecting our precious environment. Throughout the year Harita organizes activities in collaboration with department of Forest and Environment Chandigarh administration UT, and receives number of grants for conducting the activities like Van Mahotsav, Akshay Urja Diwas, International Ozone day, Wildlife week celebration, Anti-Firecracker campaign, Wetlands Day, Water Conservation day, National Science Day, Bio friendly Holi, Inter-College competitions, rallies walkathon, workshops, nukkad natak, poetry recitation etc.


“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” – Edward Teller 

Science Club “Pragya” of the college acquaints the students with recent technologies and aims to sharpen their critical bent of mind. The Science Club is registered with the Department of Science & Technology and Renewable Energy, UT, Chandigarh. Celebration of Science Day is an annual feature; and various Inter and Intra college competitions like Science quiz, Poster Making, Collage Making, Scitoon Making, Slogan Writing, Debate etc. are organized by the club.

Science Club is the platform for the students to promote their scientific interest, realize their scientific skills and fulfill their quest in doing science activities.

Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) has been set up in the college on 08.01.2018 under national flagship programme ‘Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation’ also known as ‘SVEEP’. It is a platform to engage college students through interesting activities and to sensitise them by giving  hands-on experience  about electoral rights. It is constituted at the behest of Election Commission of India (ECI) with a motive to aware and ensure the   participation of youth & future voters who are pillars of Indian democracy.

The main purpose of this club is to generate awareness regarding the importance of effective electoral engagement, participation, making informed choices and ethical ballot decisions as electoral participation is vital to investment in future of democracy.


Electoral literacy club aims at strengthening the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.


  •   To promote awareness of ‘Right to vote’ among students, faculty members and community at large.

  •   To enable critical thinking on issues related to election rights, democracies and its processes.

  •   To educate the future voters about enrolment, and other electoral process like EVM/VVPAT.

  •   To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the ethical voting and follow the principle ‘Every vote counts’ and ‘No voters to be left behind’.

Committee Members

Mrs. SeemaJaitly (Nodal Officer)

Dr. Neha Sharma (Assistant Professor)

Pawani Bajaj (President, Student Council)

Riza (Vice-President, Student Council)

Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on campus intervention programme for students.

  • It is initiated and supported by the Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society (CSACS) for implementing National AIDS Control Programme and implemented through multi-sectoral collaboration, particularly using service of cadre officers of the State and NSS.

  •  The club was established in the college in the year 2007, to provide youth with access to information on HIV/AIDS and voluntary blood donation.


 Following are the activities conducted during 2017 to 2023.


Following are the activities conducted by the Red Ribbon Club, Govt. Home Science College, Sector-10, Chandigarh during the session 2022-203.

Intra College  Quiz Competition: A intra college quiz competition on” HIV, AIDS and its prevention was conducted on 28.02.2023,  in LT-I, Government Home Science College, Sector-10, Chandigarh. The competition was organized for the generation of awareness regarding HIV and AIDS. Total 37 students were participated in the completion. Photograph is enclosed as ANNEXURE-I.  The winners of the competition are as under. Photograph is enclosed herewith


Result of Quiz Competition



Roll Number


1st Prize



B.Sc. Home Science  IVth  sem

2nd Prize

Urvashi Chauhan


B.Sc. Home Science IInd Sem

3rd Prize

Asha Singh


B.Sc. Home Science IInd Sem

3rd Prize



B.Sc. Home Science IInd Sem


  1. Intra College Poster Making Competion  A Intra College Poster Making Competion  on” HIV, AIDS and its prevention was conducted on 28.02.2023,  in the Zoology Laboratory, Government Home Science College, Sector-10, Chandigarh. The competition was organized for the generation of awareness regarding HIV and AIDS. Total 29 students were participated in the competition. Photograph is enclosed herewith as ANNEXURE-II. The winners of the competition are as under.


Poster Making Competition



Roll Number


1st Prize



B.Sc. Home Science IInd Semester.

2nd Prize



B.Sc. Home Science IInd Semester.

3rd Prize

Bharti Pundir


B.Sc. Home Science IInd Semester.



  1. Intra College Collage Making Competion: A Intra College Collage Making Competion  on” HIV, AIDS and its prevention was conducted on 28.02.2023,  in the Zoology Laboratory, Government Home Science College, Sector-10, Chandigarh. The competition was organized for the generation of awareness regarding HIV and AIDS. Total 18 students were participated in the competition. Photograph is enclosed herewith as ANNEXURE-III. The winners of the competition are as under.


Collage Making Competition



Roll Number


1st Prize

Juhi Saini       


B.Sc. Home Science IInd Semester.

2nd Prize



B.Sc. Home Science IInd Semester.

3rd Prize

Bharti Pundir


B.Sc. Home Science IInd Semester.




  • 2 Students, participated in State Level Quiz Competition at Hotel Park view, Sector-24, Chandigarh, on 11th Nov. 2022.

  • 10 students, participated in inter college Competition to be organized by AIDS Control Society, UT Administration Chandigarh on 4th November, 2022 at PG Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh.

  • Candle light March on 1st December 2021.

  • Intra College Poster making competition, held on 27.10,2021

  • Intra college quiz competition was held on 27.10 2021

  • Five students were sponsored for participation in AIDS CON -9 on 17th -18th January,2020.

  •  Intra college poster making competition making competition on topics HIV/AIDS awareness. Dated 06.03.2020

  •  Intra college slogan writing  completion for generating awareness regarding HIV and AIDS- Dated 06.03.2019

  •  Intra college poster making   completion for generating awareness regarding HIV and AIDS- Dated 06.03.2019

  •  “Puppet Show by Sunil Bhatt the Puppet Master” for generating awareness regarding HIV and AIDS- Dated 08.03.2019

  • HIV Testing - Dated 08.03.2019

  •  HIV/AIDS Awareness Rally-1st December 2018.

  •  HIV AIDS Awareness Rally-1st December.,2017.

 Infrastructure provided by Government Home Science College.

  1. Lecture hall, laboratories, play grounds.  
  2. Computer and internet facilities
  3. Administrative supports

The Department of Family Resource Management and Extension Education has an active ‘Consumer Club’ working towards educating students to become informed consumers by making them aware about their consumer rights and laws. The Club believes that an aware consumer is an asset for any society and continuously works to empower students with knowledge and awareness in consumer related issues.

To ignite young minds and to spread consumer awareness, Consumer Club of the college organizes Educational Visits, Workshops and Awareness Talks on a regular basis. The Club celebrates ‘World Consumer Rights Day’ each year on March 15 by organizing competitions on various themes such as Consumer Rights and Responsibilities, Consumer Protection Act 1986, Cyber Frauds in Digital Market Place, Simplified Goods and Services Tax (GST), Filing a Complaint in Consumer Court, Food Safety and Combating Adulteration, Misleading Advertisements, etc. and invites judges and members of Consumer Forum, Consumer Organisations and industry. The college has signed MoU with Consumer Association, Chandigarh with the objective of mutual sharing of knowledge and creating awareness about various laws and rights to safeguard consumers in the marketplace.


The Literary Society is formulated to promote an in-depth understanding of literature and language that lies beyond the ken of the syllabus. It also serves as a springboard for the students who want to broaden their interests in literature. It nourishes the creative potential of the students by providing them with the pre-requisite literary space to showcase their talent, opinions and ideas. Apart from providing them with a platform, the inputs given by the experts on their presentations would sharpen their ability to present their views in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. The involvement of the students in various literary activities helps in expanding their imagination to think beyond the conventional line of thought. It also develops leadership qualities among students by allowing them to arrange certain functions and shoulder responsibilities.

Aims and Objectives

  • To generate reading culture as well as story-telling skills of the students

  • To arrange competitions like poster-making, essay-writing, declamation, poetry recitation etc.

  • To incorporate speech delivery enhancement through oratory activities viz. elocution, debates, seminars, book-reading and poetry recitation sessions

  • To collaborate with other departments for extra and co-curricular activities related to Language, literature and culture


(People for Animal Welfare Society)

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

                                                                                                                                - Mahatma Gandhi

About Society

PAWS (People for Animal Welfare Society) is a unique first of its kind endeavour of the college. It has adopted 8 stray dogs living in the campus. Students and Staff take care of food, shelter, sterilization, treatment and emotional well-being of these loyal friends. The basic aim of a “Paws for a Cause’ is to sensitize students about empathy, protection, compassion for all living beings. Let’s all pledge to make “Mother Earth” a peaceful place for all creatures, with shared thoughts of love and Kindness.

Objectives of the Society:

  • To raise awareness among students and the community about the importance of animal welfare, ethics, and responsible pet ownership

  • To advocate for animal rights and welfare by raising concerns about animal cruelty, exploitation, and neglect

  • To collaborate with local animal shelters and rescue organizations to promote pet adoption and help find permanent homes for abandoned or neglected animals

  • To encourage the adoption of cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle choices, such as plant-based diets, eco-friendly products, and alternatives to animal testing  


Dr. Neha Sharma- Co-ordinator

Ms. Nupur- Member

Dr. Shikha- Member

Ms. Pratibha- Member