Hostels – A “Home away from Home” for girls who come to pursue their dreams from different states of India. Hostels provide a cosy and comfortable environment to the resident students. The hostels have sprawling lawns in front of the buildings which add splendour to the architectural beauty. There are spacious, airy, well-lit rooms. The Hostel provides a common room for extra/ co curricular activities. There is medical room with 24×7 availability of nurse. For any emergency case, there is Government Multi Speciality Hospital in sector-16 which is situated across the road. The hostel provides all the students a safe and comfortable environment and is a Zero Ragging and No Smoking Zone.

There are two hostels buildings:-

  • PG hostel building with 3 floors with 55 rooms for Post-Graduation and PhD students.

  • UG hostel buildings (Old Wing and New Wing) with 4 floors each comprising of 90 rooms in each building for Under Graduate students.

Hostel Facilities

  • Each hostel has facilities like common room, visitors’ room and dining hall with mess.

  • Wi-Fi facility.

  • Provision of Water Coolers with water purifier filters.

  • Provision of Refrigerator in the dining area for resident students.

  • Medical room with round the clock medical facility 

  • 5 star rated Mess by FSSAI, GOI.

  • Resident students have access to the sports facilities like Indoor Badminton and Table Tennis, Open Air Gym, Volleyball etc. before and after college hours.

  • Yoga and aerobic sessions are held regularly for the resident students.

  • Indoor games like Chess, Ludo, and Carrom Board etc are also available.

  •  LED TVs are installed in the dining area and in common room.

Hostel Events & Celebrations

  • Various festivals and functions are organised in the hostels like Lohri, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Janamashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.

  • Fresher’s party for new comers and Farewell for passing out seniors are also orgaised.

  • Special arrangements are made for each celebration along with special food as per the occasion.

Hostel Student Council

Every year responsible students from senior classes are nominated and selected for Hostel Student Council to manage the affairs of the resident students, comprising of-

  • Hostel Representative

  • Maintenance and Cleanliness Incharge

  • Cultural Incharge

  • Mess Incharge

  • Discipline Incharge

  • Floor wise Incharge


The day to day affairs of the hostels are co-ordinated under the guidance and supervision of the Chief Warden/Principal, Hostel wardens and Hostel committee of the college. The Hostel Committee comprises of Hostel In charge from faculty, UG and PG hostel Warden and three members from Teaching Faculty. The hostel committee under the chairmanship of the Chief warden/Principal frames the rules and regulations of the hostel and is the final authority in matters concerning the hostels.

Hostel Committee

Prof.Reetinder Brar Incharge
Mrs. Seema Jaitly Memeber
Dr. Neha Sharma Member
Mrs. Anu Deherwal Member
Mrs. Pratibha Thapa PG Hostel Warden
Dr.Shikha Garg UG Hostel Warden


Hostel General Rules

  • Student are allowed to join hostel only on producing both College & Hostel fee Receipts
  • Students are required to bring their own bedding, bed linen and door curtains and items like  locks, buckets, mugs, bulbs, dusters, plate, spoon, tumbler etc., which are also available in the college canteen
  • Use of personal electric appliances like radio, electric rods, electric press are not allowed. Tampering with electrical fittings is not allowed. The college will not be responsible for any mishap.
  • Resident students are allowed to keep two-wheelers for their convenience.
  • The College is not responsible for any inappropriate behavior/action of the student which is detrimental to accepted social norms.
  • Possession and consumption of any kind of intoxicants/drugs/ alcohol will result in immediate expulsion from the hostel.
  • The college does not take responsibility of valuables especially mobile phones and cash of resident students. They are, therefore, advised not to bring jewellery and other expensive articles with them.
  • Students are not allowed to stay in the College hostel during autumn break, winter break and summer vacations.
  • All the students to report daily for Roll-Call in the hostel common room at 6:00 p.m.
  • Parents of the defaulter students can be called by the hostel authorities any time.
  • If, at any time, it is found that the information given to hostel authorities by the parents or the students is wrong, strict action will be taken immediately by the hostel and college authorities.
  • Resident students are not allowed to take part in any kind of protest or strike. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters, which may result in immediate expulsion from hostel.
  • Students are expected to maintain a decent dress code in the hostel and college premises.
  • Habitual defiance of the hostel rules will render a resident student liable to disciplinary action, a special fine and even expulsion from the college.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited as per the Hon'ble Supreme Court orders. Defaulters will face punitive action.
  • Any kind of shouting, spreading rumours, knocking on doors or any other act likely to create disturbance is strictly prohibited within the hostel premises.
  • Residents must switch off fans and lights before leaving for night out, day out and during college hours.
  • Any matter of dispute with fellow boarders should be reported immediately to the Warden.
  • Action will be taken against the erring students, who pass undesirable remarks about fellow students, indulge in physical and mental torture and show disobedience and non-co-operative behaviour.
  • A day scholar is not permitted to visit or stay in the hostel without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students must give due respect to the Wardens, Hostel and Mess Staff.
  • Residents should maintain cordial relations with other fellow students.
  • Any hosteller found guilty of creating indiscipline, bringing bad publicity or indulging in negative politics is liable to be expelled with immediate effect
  • The Principal reserves the right to change any of the hostel rules and dues. The changes shall be binding on the residents.

Medical Requirements and Facilities

It is mandatory to carry a Medical Fitness Certificate by an authorized Medical Practitioner at the time of entry to the hostel. The Medical Certificate should mention blood group of the student, if suffering from any allergies and prescribed medicines. Non-disclosure of information related to any serious medical condition will result in the cancellation of the hostel seat. Sick room with nurse is available on the campus 24X7 for any kind of medical aid. In case of emergency the student will be taken to the nearby Govt. hospital and the local guardian will be called immediately along with the intimation to the parents.


  • A resident student can avail night out /weekend leave only twice a month.

  • Wardens can grant leave only on weekends and not during college days and timings.

  • A maximum leave of 4 days will be granted for the wedding of siblings. The wedding card and a letter from parents with the proof of their identity should be attached with the leave application. In all such cases the parents must write directly to the Principal at least two days in advance.

  • Residents will be granted permission to attend family functions only if they have the requisite attendance in classes, have appeared in the Mid-semester examinations, and have adhered to the rules and regulations of the college.

  • If any student extends her leave period of night stay, the parents/guardians should inform the hostel warden well in advance and submit an extension leave application duly signed by the parents.

  • The warden can sanction leave upto 4 days only. Any leave more than 4 days would require the sanction of the Principal.

  • Attendance will not be granted for medical leave or any other leave taken by the resident student.

  • Students who do not report for 10 days without prior permission will have to vacate the hostel.

Timings for Outings:

Sundays 10:00 a.m. till Roll Call time

Wednesday 3:00 p.m. till Roll Call time

Other Holidays 12:00 p.m. till Roll Call time

  • Residents must enter their timings of departure and arrival in the outing register (Dayout/Nightout/Coaching).

  • The resident should positively return to the hostel before Roll call otherwise serious action will be taken.

  • Residents shall strictly adhere to the timings of their return i.e. before Roll call in case of Day-outs and Night-outs.

  • The warden has the right to deny outing to a resident in case of returning late from Night out/any kind of misconduct.

  • If a resident frequently overstays during her leave, her hostel seat may be cancelled and it may also entail refusal of admission to the college in the next session.

  • Students who absent themselves from the hostel without Night out Pass will have to face strict action as per the decision of the Hostel Committee.

  • Residents should not ask for outings/favours other than the mentioned outing schedule.


Note: Day outings will be given according to the season and circumstances.


  • Mess Security amounting to Rs. 1000/- will be charged at the time of admission to the hostel which will be refunded at the time of leaving the Hostel.

  • Mess is run on contract basis. The Mess Charges for the current session will be as per the approved contract rate of the contractor.

  • Mess Dues are deposited cumulative for every quarter. Mess Dues are to be deposited online before the 10th of the month of the quarter, for which dues are being paid online.

  • Failure to pay the dues within 15 days leads to cancellation of mess account.

  • Hostellers are required to dine in the dining hall only.

  • Resident students are not permitted to take her meals to her room without the special permission of the Hostel warden. Violation leads to disciplinary action.

  • Meals will not be served before or after the fixed hour. Residents must observe meal timings and must be punctual for that.

  • Resident students are not allowed to enter the cooking area/kitchen of the hostel.

  • Resident students are not allowed to come in casual clothes/night dress to the dining hall. They should be properly and decently clad.

Note: Students must observe all mess rules in the dining hall.

For the Kind Attention of Parents/Guardians


  • At the time of joining the hostel, the parents/local guardians are required to submit, the name and the address of the local guardians on the specified form.

  • It is mandatory for the parents to put down their signatures in front of the Hostel Committee.

  • Parents are advised to check the leave book and sign on every visit of their wards.

  • Students should open an SBI bank account in their home towns and carry the ATM cards along for convenient monetary transactions.

  • Change of address/telephone number of the student, parents/gurdians to be informed to the warden in writing by the parents.

  • Parents of the defaulter students can be called by the hostel authorities at any time.

  • The visitors will meet their wards in visitors’ room only during visiting hours.

  • No parents/guardians will be allowed to go to the resident's room.

Appointing of Local Guardians

  • Appointing of a local guardian is a must for the hostel record of each resident student. In case of an emergency, local guardians will be informed and called.

  • Unmarried Men (blood relation and cousins) will not be accepted as local guardians and will not be allowed to enter the college premises

  • Only a married couple should preferably be the local guardian. (Real brother/sister, married or unmarried is also eligible to be local guardian)

  • Only parents and guardians will be allowed to meet their wards from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and 11:00 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.