Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

As per the recommendations of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2013 and UGC (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Act 2015, the college constitutes an Internal Complaints Committee as per statutory rules. As per the guidelines given in 6.4 section of the Saksham Book, the college avails of all possible resources to ensure functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee.

The Internal Complaints Committee for Sexual Harassment is a statutory body constituted with the purpose of prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. Its functions include:

  • Grievance Redressal of sexual harassment
  • Counselling services for complainants
  • Consultation/ Support services for colleges
  • Sensitization/ Awareness programmes for prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace


Committee Members:


Sr. No. Name of Presiding Officer and Member of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)  Contact Number 


Prof. Reetinder Brar (Presiding Officer) 9815735539
2. Mrs. Seema Jaitley  9779717556
3. Dr. Neha Sharma 8054212503
4. Mrs. Anila 9888184953
5. Mrs. Annu Deharwal 7986052380
6. Mrs. Pratibha 9780389233
7. Dr. Shikha Garg 97779774434
8. Mrs. Nupur Bhatnagar 9876625187
9. Mrs. Raman Bhalla, Superintendent 9417426853
10. Mrs. Jyoti, Bill Assistant 90418 37574
11. Mr. Girish Chand, Clerk 9996142070
12. Mrs. Gurjinder Kaur, CT 8427003070



The college has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and follows all the mandatory rules and guidelines rigorously to ensure a harassment and discrimination free campus. It stands committed to take strict action against those indulging in sexual violence or harassment of any kind towards its stakeholders.

Guiding Principles