Department Profiles

It is the much sought after department of the region catering to the needs of textile and apparel industry which offers various relevant skill oriented courses. Students undergo various design concepts, theories and computer applications. These courses aim at equipping the students with necessary proficiencies for a wide variety of careers with entrepreneurial skills and placements in apparel and textile industries.


  • • High demand and Job oriented courses
  • • Specialized and well qualified staff
  • • Good liasioning & networking with apparel and textile industry
  • • Practical exposure through workshops & industrial trips
  • • Practical training through internships in renowned industries
  • • Designing of apparels, home décor articles, accessories using various art forms
  • • Publications and presentations of papers at national & international conference by the faculty and students

(DAY-NULM) Project

Department of Clothing and Textiles took initiative and started Project of Fashion Designing funded by Municipal Council, Chandigarh, for urban poor beneficiaries in the age group of 18-35 years under the aegis of Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission (DAY-NULM) of Govt. of India. In this project 70 urban poor girls were benefited in 2018-19.


Well Equipped Laboratories

Advanced Garment Construction Labs(3) Knitting Lab
Garment Construction Labs(3) Printing Lab
Weaving Lab Textile Chemistry Lab
Dyeing Lab Textile testing Lab
Computer Lab(1) with CAD Software Tuka Cad and Tuka Studio,Corel Draw, AutoCad,Photoshop,Rich peace Fashion & Textile Designing Studio

Resource Centre

Traditional Textiles
Traditional Embroideries
 Props and material required for visual displays and exhibitions
Crafted items  Visual Merchandising display windows
Traditional Costumes  Two smart class rooms

Departmental Library/E-Library

Books Journals Magazines Dissertations

Research Areas

•Sustainable Fashion • Extraction of natural dyes from plant waste
•Eco-friendly dyeing and printing techniques • Application of Nano Particles
•Quality Control in Apparel and Textiles • Entrepreneurship by NGOs
•Carbon Foot Printing • Lean Management
•Corporate Social Responsibilities in Apparel and Textiles Industry

Career Opportunities and Placements

Up to 100 percent placements & self employment

Textile & Costume Designer Fashion illustrators CAD Experts
Quality Assessment Managers Retail Branch managers Productions Assistants
Fashion Merchandisers Visual Merchandisers Academicians
Entrepreneur (Self Employment)    

Activities organized by the Clothing and Textiles Club: Panache Club

  • • Tex-Style week - interclass competitions
  • • Seminars
  • • Workshops
  • • Talks and Educational Trips
  • • Aakriti-the annual fashion show

In the light of changing time trends and vocationalization, there is increased awareness about health and disease and its prevention and management. Foods & Nutrition department lays emphasis on specialized courses at undergraduate, post graduate (Diploma, M.Sc.) and Ph.D. level to equip the students with latest skill set. All these courses offer hundred percent self-employment and placement opportunities which cater to the present day demand of specialized expertize at all levels, viz. Regional, National, and at Global Level.


  • • Specialized courses in sync with industry - academia needs
  • • Innovative and strong practical base
  • • Emphasizes development of entrepreneurial and vocational skills
  • • Practical exposure through internships, field visits, project work, expert lectures, demonstrations, workshops and seminars
  • • Focus on updating with National and Global issues and concerns

 Practical exposure of research through dissertations

Thrust areas

  • • Food Science and Technology
  • • Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition
  • • Public Health Nutrition


  • • Highly qualified, technically updated in all areas including research
  • • Appointed as experts at organizations of National and International repute
  • • Members of Board of Studies of various institutions


Smart class rooms with ICT facility Food Science Laboratory
Fully equipped,functional,state
  of the art laboratories
Nutritional Assessment Laboratory
BSc. Food and Nutrition Laboratory Institutional Food Administration Laboratory/Cafeteria
MSc. Food and Nutrition Laboratory Department library: Books,Journals,
  Magazines & Dissertation
Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory Microbiology Laboratory

Activities of Ginger Club

Celebration of National Breast
Feeding Week
Seminars and Symposiums on current issues
Celebration of National Nutrition 
Entrepreneurial Skill Development
Celebration of National Nutrition 
Extension and Outreach activities
Capacity Building Workshops Field Trips

Highlights/Best Practices

  • • Diet Clinic
  • • Cafeteria
  • • Internships and training
  • • Outreach and Extension programmes

Career Opportunities/Placement

  • • Private and Government Hospitals
  • • Private Clinic
  • • Health and Fitness Centers
  • • NGOs: Regional, National and International
  • • Counsellors in Schools
  • • Teaching profile in Schools and Colleges
  • • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • • Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • • MNCs
  • • Government Programs(ICDS,MDM etc)
  • • Government Agencies(NIPCCD)
  • • Catering Management Industry
  • • Food Industry
  • • Research and Academics


The department aims at creating and adopting sustainability, conservation and efficient use of resources to achieve personal and family goals. The curriculum focuses on imparting students with the knowledge to enhance functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics of interior spaces. These courses are comprehensive and well-structured inculcating professional and practical skills.


Well equipped, modern laboratories

Family Resource Management Lab Furnishing Lab Design Studio
AutoCAD Lab Ergonomics Lab Smart Classroom


Job opportunities

  • • Corporate and public sector
  • • Architects, Interior Decorator and Real Estate Companies
  • • Teaching in schools, colleges and polytechnic institutions


  • • Building and perfecting skills in rangoli, flower arrangement, decorating interiors.
  • • Product Development (Landscape Accessories, Terrariums and Mini Gardens, Recycling waste products, hand made soaps etc.).
  • • Hands on experience in Event Management.
  • • Internships and training.
  • • Organizing workshops /Exhibitions/Educational Visits/Displays/Theme decorations /Surveys.
  • • Designing interior spaces.

Creatrix Club:

  • • Organizes creatrix interclass competitions.
  • • Organizes educational tours.
  • • Participation to various Inter-college and Intra-college competitions, Rose Festivals, Zonal Youth Festival.
  • • Promotes entrepreneurial skills through product development and marketing.

The department of Human development prepares students for careers in public and private human service agencies. It lays emphasis on learning to help individuals and family to understand needs, different developments, challenges, issues of concern and possible remedies or steps for different stages of human development . Given the changing trends and the ever increasing requirement of experts in the field of Human Development , the department has introduced new courses that have wide employment opportunities and national and international applicability.

 Chaitanya Laboratory Nursery School

  • • Department has an attached laboratory nursery school - Chaitanya
  • • Comprises of 50 students aged between 3-5 years studying in Pre-Nursery and Nursery
  • • Provides students an excellent platform to get first hand experience about observing this age group.
  • • Students plan and conduct stimulating activities for holistic development of young children.
  • • Carefully planned play-based curriculum which offers a rich variety of art, sensory, literacy, math, science, music activities, block building, dramatic play, and outdoor play.
  • • Beautiful classrooms with latest and modern equipment, Indoor gym and play area
  • • Science, doll and block corner
  • • Well-equipped Classrooms with ICT facilities
  • • Outdoor play area


  • • Meticulously planned curriculum and specialized courses in sync with new advancements
  • • Innovative and unique teaching practices and in-depth knowledge base
  • • Emphasizes skill training and entrepreneurial development
  • • Practical exposure through field visits, project work, expert lectures, panel discussions, internships, workshops and seminars
  • • Focus on updating with recent trends and issues related to Human Development & Family Relations worldwide.

Research and Outreach Areas

  • • Early childhood care, education and development
  • • Adolescent growth and development
  • • Marriage and family relations
  • • Happiness and well-being
  • • Child, adolescent and family counselling and therapy
  • • Old age
  • • Developmental psychology
  • • Child and family welfare
  • • Women studies and empowerment
  • • Children and families with special needs


  • • Energetic, experienced, dedicated
  • • Members of Board of Studies of various institutions

Departmental Infrastructure

  • • Smart class rooms
  • • Well-equipped laboratories with ICT facilities
  • • Departmental e-library- Books, journals, magazines, dissertations
  • • Internet facilities
  • • Conference room
  • • Psychological tests

Highlights /Best Practices

  • • Chaitanya Laboratory Nursery School
  • • Counselling cell
  • • Happiness and well-being club
  • • Outreach activities
  • • Personality development programmes

Career Opportunities

  • • Govt./private agencies/ NGOs working with young children, adolescents, women and elderly, social welfare, education and human development
  • • Social work
  • • Crèche/Day Care Centers
  • • Counsellors in schools, higher educational institutes and hospitals
  • • Special educators in schools and colleges
  • • Family life educators
  • • In higher education as Academicians, Research Associates and Researchers
  • • Elementary and Secondary Education
  • •International and national agencies like WHO, UNICEF, NIPCCD, ICCW, ICMR etc.
  • • Entrepreneurial Ventures