College Library

“Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library”, Walter Savage Landor


The vision of college’s library is

·         To enhance the quest for knowledge and intellectual activity

·         To easily access and retrieve information

·         To create conducive atmosphere wherein students and faculty carry on the learning process

About Library

  • The College Library is user-friendly, fully air-conditioned, LAN enabled which caters to the academic and educational needs of the students and the staff 
  • Library staff & College Library committee (comprising of 5 faculty members) look after the smooth functioning of the library and address the problems of students, if any


Library consists of


Main Library-It has a circulation area which leads to the study area. The main library has 34675 books in total with 5993 Gifted Books


 Reference section – It has approximately 4850 Reference Books, Newspapers in Hindi, English and Punjabi and 15 Journals arranged in compactors & racks

  This Section has:
- General and Subject Dictionaries
- General and Subject Encyclopaedias
- 99 Rare books
- Multi-volume books

Periodical Section-It comprises of Thesis Section having 1188 dissertations of M.Sc. students


 Free books and notes are available in the library donated by the students and staff. Needy students have full access to these


ICT Facilities & e-Resources

·          e-Lounge, computers, printers and photocopier.

·         e-Resources through N-List which gives access to electronic resources including e-journals and e-books.

·          OPAC:  Online Public Access Catalogue facility. In 2021, OPAC was integrated into library, thereby

          providing users an access to the library resources remotely.

·         The College Library Functioning has been automated using Koha- Community Library Management

         Software Cloud Deployment.

·          The books, journals, magazines have bar codes and bar code scanners are used for database entries

         to facilitate the maintaining of data 

·         The library is equipped with digital information kiosk, with a touch enabled screen as well as keyboard

        and acts as a search engine

·         CCTV cameras are installed in library to monitor and to improve safety and to identify visitors.

        These help to monitor work areas, deter theft and ensure the security

·         Kindle Display Electronic Readers (e-Books) are also available in the library for browsing

·         Sparkle Board for displaying information

 Divyangjan Corner in Library

·         Headphones, magnifying glasses for Divyangjan

·         NDVA screen reader

·          Softwares for visually impaired

The Identity card and Library card-cum-Reader`s ticket are issued to admitted students on production of the fee receipt and submission of stamp size photographs. Numbers of photographs to be submitted for the various courses are:

  • B.Sc. (H.Sc. FD): 03

  • P.G. Diploma (ND, FD, CGFC): 04

  • M.Sc. (FN, CT, HD): 05

  • Ph.D. students

Students have to bring their identity-cum-library card to avail library facility. Any student found damaging/tearing library book(s) is allowed to enter library for that complete academic session.

The number of books which students of different classes are entitled to borrow at one time, is as follows:

  • B.Sc. (H.Sc. FD): 02

  • P.G. Diploma (ND, FD, CGFC): 03

  • M.Sc. (FN, CT, HD): 04

  • Ph.D. Students

  • Books are issued for a period of fourteen days only. After that a fine of Rupee One per day is charged

  • Any loss of library books or periodicals will has to be paid for by the defaulter within a week by replacing the book or paying the cost price of the book

  • Any damage done to a book shall have to be brought to the notice of the Librarian before getting the book issued. Otherwise, the person who returns it will be held responsible for the damage done

  • The librarian can ask the borrower to return a book before the due date if the same is needed in the library for reference

  • Reference books are issued only 15 minutes before the closing time of the library and are to be returned by 9:30a.m. the next morning. A fine of Rupee One per hour is charged for books returned late


Library Timing:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday 9 am to 2 pm
During Summer Vacation 8 am to 2 pm
During Winter Vacation 9 am to 4 pm
Lunch 1 pm to 2 pm

List of Journals

 ISOR Journal of Research & Method in Education


ISOR Journal of Humanities & Social Science

 Current Medical Journal of India

Disabilities & Impairments

  Textile Trends

Indian Journal of Gender Studies

 Apparel Online

Indian Journal of Youth & Adolescents Health

 Image Retail & Business of Fashion

Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects

Advance Research Journal of Social Science

Nutrition and Health

  International Journal of Food Science & Nutrition

Stitch World


Indian Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics

Indian Textile Journal

Journal of Advanced Research in Psychology & Psychotherapy



  • List of Magazines


Lonely Planet
Week Life Positive
Woman’s Era   Kurukshetra



Traveller Inside Outside
 Star Dust  India Today
Society Interior Home Trend
Science Reporter Health & Nutrition
Seminar Greh Shobha
Savvy Grazia
Good Homes
Reader’s Digest
Competition Success Review
Meri Saheli


List of Newspapers


English Hindi Punjabi
   The Tribune     Dainik Bhaskar       Ajit
   Indian Express     Amar Ujala       Panjabi Tribune
   Times of India      Panjab Kesari  
   Hindustan Times      Aaj Samaj  
   The Hindu      Dainik Jagran  
   Economic Times    
   Daily Post    
   Employment News