M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition

The Department of Foods and Nutrition offers M.Sc. Food and Nutrition programme. The course focuses mainly on inculcating in the minds of students the necessary knowledge of food compositions, the quality, and safety of food, the ability of metabolism relationships, the use of nutrients in food by the human body, an advanced understanding of the influence of exercises, etc. The programme endeavors to train a cadre of professionals who can create nutrition awareness for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the population. The courses of this programme have been designed to enhance the core competency of students in the fields of public health nutrition, dietetics, and food science. The curriculum imparts knowledge and develops capacities of students through state of the art higher education in the areas of Human Nutrition, Food Science, Food Safety and Quality, Food Product Development and Public Health Nutrition. It is a 2 year programme divided into 4 semesters. A 45 days internship period is included as part of the curriculum. The students are also given hands on experience of research through dissertation and thesis work and practical training of counseling through the diet clinic on the campus.