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»Laurels Brought by Home Science Students in Heritage Art & Craft Items on Third Day of Zonal Youth & Heritage Festival 09.10.23

On the third day of the ongoing Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at M.C.M. D.A.V. College for Women, Sector-36, Chandigarh, the college participated in a host of activities in the category of heritage arts and craft, Tanisha of M.Sc. CT (Sem-1) got First Prize in Bagh Making and Sakshi of M.Sc. CT (Sem-1) got Second Prize in Knitting. In addition, Radha of B.Sc. H.Sc. ATD (Sem-5) and Manjeet of B.Sc. FD (Sem-3) won Third Prize in Pakhi Making and Phulkari respectively. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal congratulated the prize winners and appreciated the efforts put in by the students and their mentors.

»Proud Moments on Second Day of Zonal Youth & Heritage Festival at MCM D.A.V. College for Women-36, Chandigarh (08.10.23)

The students of Government Home Science College bagged various prizes in literary and heritage items on the Second day of Zonal Youth & Heritage Festival Zone-B held at MCM D.A.V. College for Women-36, Chandigarh. First Prize was won by Lavanaya  Kapoor (M.Sc. FN, Sem-3)  in Hindi Handwriting & Third Prize in English Handwriting was won by Mehak (B.Sc. Home Science HD (Sem- 5th) respectively.  Bharti of M.Sc. FN (Sem-3) won Third Prize in Elocution.In the category of heritage items, Renu of B.Sc. FD (Sem-1) won Third Prize in Khiddo and Razia of B.Sc. ATD (Sem-5) won Third Prize in Peerhi making.Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college, congratulated the winners and highly appreciated the efforts of students and their mentors for their extreme hard work and dedication.


»GHSC-10 organized Breast Cancer Walkathon 07.10.23

Government Home Science College  in collaboration with Sahatya Charitable Welfare Society, Chandigarh organized a Breast Cancer Walkathon to mark October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Sukhna Lake on October 07, 2023. Ms.Anindita Mitra (IAS) Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh was the Chief Guest of the occasion. In addition, Dr.Pankaj Malhotra (Prof. & Head of Clinical Haematology& Medical Oncology), PGIMER, Chandigarh was the Guest of Honour. The purpose to organize this walkathon was to spread the message ‘Hope, Faith & Cure: Prevention & Early Detection’. More than 100 NSS Volunteers & NCC Cadets of the college participated in the walkathon with full enthusiasm.Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal also emphasised the significance of early detection of breast cancer. She further appreciated the efforts of NSS Volunteers as well as NCC Cadets in sensitising the masses about this noble cause.

»GHSC-10 Contributed Significantly in Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign 05.10.23

NSS Wing of Government Home Science College organized various activities as a part of ‘Swachhta Hi Seva Hai Campaign’  from September 15 - October 02,2023. The campaign  initiated with oath  taking ceremony on cleanliness in which NSS volunteers took ‘Swachhta  Pledge’ to keep their environment clean and green. In addition, various shramdaan activities were conducted at public places which included temples, hospitals & roadsides. Furthermore, door to door visits for sensitising people about cleanliness along with awareness rallies were also organised.In a one of its kind activity on October 01-02, 2023 NSS volunteers participated in the cleanliness campaign ' EK GHANTA EK TARIKH’ at 10:00 AM onwards to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti and worked towards the NSS motto, ‘Not Me, But You’.The activities were also uploaded on  SWACHHATA HI SEVA (SHS) portal ( ) NSS unit was provided with user ID:shs_doya & Password: shs@2023# Principal of the college, Prof.Sudha Katyal applauded the efforts of NSS Wing and further emphasised on Mahatma Gandhi’s vision ,’Ek Kadam Swacchta ki Aur- Swacch Bharat, Sundar Bharat’.

»GHSC-10 Organises a Workshop on Certified e- Course 04.10.23

Government Home Science College organized a Career Guidance Workshop on ‘Certified e-Courses’ with International Certification in collaboration with Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship Development on October 04, 2023 for the post graduate students of the college. Ms Ashima and Ms Pragati, faculty members of RCED were the guest speakers for the workshop. The session included information on various projects and courses available for willing students to enhance their knowledge base and skills required in job market today.The session concluded with a doubt clearing session by the speakers. The workshop was fruitful for the students as they got to know about the certificate courses and the support being provided by RCED for students in the field of entrepreneurship and startups. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal motivated the students to pursue these e-courses along with their academics to enhance their skills.


»Tex-Style Week concluded at GHSC-10 ( 03.10.23)

TEX-STYLE week, organized by Government Home Science College, was a week-long extravaganza filled with creativity, fun, and a strong emphasis on sustainability. It culminated on the 3rd of October with an online webinar in the honor of Mahatma Gandhi, expertly hosted by Vishu Arora, an Associate Professor at NIFT, Panchkula. The focal point of this event was the promotion and celebration of Khadi—a fabric that carries profound historical and philosophical significance in India. The webinar highlighted the importance of Khadi, known for being hand-spun and handwoven using a traditional spinning wheel called a charkha. This fabric has transcended time and now stands as a symbol of self-reliance and sustainability. In today's world, where environmental crises loom large, Khadi represents a tangible solution—an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative that many are embracing.The seminar, led by Vishu Arora, dwelved deep into the versatility and sustainability of Khadi.

Through the celebration of TEX-STYLE week and the dedicated webinar on Khadi, Government Home Science College honors the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal underscored the vital role of sustainable choices, such as the adoption of eco-friendly fabrics like Khadi, in addressing the urgent environmental issues of our time. She also inspired the students towards a more sustainable and harmonious future for the planet, urging them to act responsibly to safeguard the Earth for generations to come.

»GHSC-10 Organised Workshops on Natural Dying & Handloom Weaving During Tex-Style Week 30.09.23

Government Home Science College organized various workshops during ongoing TEX-STYLE week. On the third day, an interactive workshop on Natural Dyeing was conducted. The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Pooja Jain. The workshop focused on  the fascinating world of natural dyes along with exploration of their origins in plants, invertebrates and minerals. During the workshop, students were enlightened about the rich spectrum of colors derived from roots, berries, bark, leaves & wood and how these dyes could be bonded using iron and alum. The workshop also emphasized the eco-friendly and biodegradable nature of these remarkable textiles. More than 45 students actively participated. Furthermore, on the fifth day, another workshop on ‘Handloom Weaving’ was organised to familiarize students with the intricate weaving process. Mr. Jaswinder Pal Singh, a weaving instructor from NIIFT Mohali was the resource person. During the session, he demonstrated the Peg Warping technique using two-color yarns to create plaid fabric. The workshop also aimed to provide students with a step-by-step understanding of warping, denting &  weaving. In addition, Slogan Writing  Competition on theme ‘Khadi - A Sustainable Fabric’ was also conducted in which students participated enthusiastically, showcasing their creativity and passion for sustainability. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal motivated the students to participate in workshops & take full advantage of practical exposure given to them through such workshops. She further highlighted that it will enhance their capabilities and entrepreneurial skills.

»Movie Screening Event Organized in Department of Human Development 30.09.23

Department of Human Development organized a movie screening event featuring the Punjabi film  “Kali Jotta” on September 30th 2023. This event aimed to provide students with an opportunity to explore and analyze various aspects of human development as portrayed in the film. The event was well-attended by both students and faculty members, reflecting the enthusiasm and interest in exploring human development themes through the cinematic medium. The movie "Kali Jotta" is a powerful and thought-provoking film which explores a number of psychological themes, including mental illness, trauma, and the impact of gender violence. The protagonist, Rabia, is a young woman who is subjected to various forms of abuse, physical , mental and emotional in her life. This abuse takes a toll on her mental health, ultimately leading to a breakdown. Following the screening, an insightful discussion was held, allowing participants to analyze the film's various themes from a human development perspective.


»A Resounding Success in Promoting Millets at Home Science College 29.09.23

Home Science college organized a Millet Mela on September 29, 2023 within its campus, aligning with the Government of India's initiative to position the country as the 'Global Hub of Millets.' The event was a grand success, drawing enthusiastic participation from both students and visitors.During the Millet Mela, students showcased a delightful array of millet-based recipes, emphasizing the nutritional and culinary versatility of these ancient grains. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into the many benefits of incorporating millets into daily diets.The Millet Mela was inaugurated by the Principal of the colleg, Prof. Sudha Katyal, who underscored the importance of embracing millets for a sustainable and healthy future. Her words of encouragement inspired both visitors and the students.The event's significance was amplified by the presence of students from various local schools, who visited the campus to witness the Millet Mela and learn about the importance of millets. More than 100 students from nearby schools were a part of it. Parents of children studying in Chaitanya Nursery School on the campus also prepared and displayed millet rich recipes. It served as an educational opportunity for the younger generation to appreciate the rich cultural heritage and health benefits associated with millet consumption.Home science college’s  Millet Mela was a commendable initiative in furthering the cause of millet promotion and aligning with the national agenda. The event succeeded in raising awareness about the nutritional value of millets and their potential to transform India into a global millet hub.


»Webinar on millets and their benefits at Home Science College 28.09.263

In continuation with the ongoing Poshan Maah celebrations, the Department of Foods and Nutrition organised a One Day Webinar on Benefits of Millets.The Webinar was conducted by Ms. Bineet Kaur, Ph. D. Scholar and was well attended by all staff and students of the college.Bineet spoke about the importance of including millets in their diet and their role in management of non communicable diseases.Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college encouraged all the viewers to incorporate these wonder grains in their daily diets to avail their health benefits.


»Home Science Student Showcased Extra-ordinary Performance in Khelo India Women’s League, 2023 26.09.23

Kashish of B.Sc. Home Science Sem III, participated & won Gold medal in 800 meters race in Women’s category in Khelo India Women's League 2023 on September 21, 2023 held at Sports Complex, Sector-7 Chandigarh. The event was organised by Chandigarh Athletic Association. Principal of the college, Prof.Sudha Katyal congratulated the student.



The Investiture Ceremony of the Student's Council, held on September 26, 2023, marked a day filled with tremendous enthusiasm among the newly elected young leaders who pledged their commitment to serving the college throughout the ongoing session. In the recently concluded elections, Yashnoor emerged as the victorious candidate for the position of President, while Isha was elected as the Vice-President, and Stellina assumed the role of Secretary cum Treasurer of the college.With unwavering resolve, the council members took a solemn oath to uphold the core values of integrity, discipline, and morality, pledging themselves to both the institution and their fellow students.Professor Sudha Katyal, our esteemed Principal, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the newly formed council. In her speech, she elucidated the qualities that define a good leader and commended the council for their noble aspirations in serving both the college and their peers. Professor Katyal also imparted valuable advice, encouraging them to remain humble and grounded, embodying the essence of true leadership. She stressed the importance of inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.Lastly, Professor Katyal expressed her heartiest thanks to the outgoing council for their unwavering support throughout various college functions and events.


»GHSC-10 Conducts Interactive Session on Personality Development 25.09.23

Government Home Science College organised an interactive session on Personality Development. The resource person of the event was Dr. Ram Kumar Yadav, Ex- Director, Students Welfare, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. During the session, Dr.Yadav stressed upon the fact that individuals are like raw diamonds but they need to be polished through developing positive attitude, accepting  flaws, appreciating others and communication skills. Furthermore, he elaborated that educational institutions play a significant role in teaching these skills by giving opportunities to students through extra curricular activities in various areas viz-a-viz Sports, Music, Dance & Theatre. More than 55 students attended the session. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal encouraged the students to participate in such sessions and further emphasised that such sessions develop self confidence and leadership qualities amongst them, thereby,  enhancing their personalities holistically.


»T-shirt Painting Competition on Millets at Home Science College 25.09.23

The NSS wing of Govt. Home Science college organised  a T-shirt painting contest to commemorate the themes of Poshan Maah.More than 25 students from undergraduate classes took part in the competition. They drew exquisite designs and messages to help spread awareness about millets. Principal, Prof Sudha Katyal applauded the creative efforts of the students and encouraged them to undertake more such activities to enhance and increase consumption of millets.



Government Home Science College is organizing the much-anticipated TEX-STYLE week—a week-long session featuring an array of competitions, captivating demonstrations, and insightful workshops. This dynamic event is dedicated to raising awareness about the sustainability of traditional heritage items and aims to elevate students' entrepreneurial skills in the exciting world of fashion while ardently promoting traditional art.Tex-style Week commenced on September 25th, 2023, with a remarkable demonstration showcasing the working of USHA Jenome sewing machine. This session, designed to enhance the skills of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, provided a comprehensive understanding of sewing machines for both domestic and commercial use, including a thorough explanation of various attachments. The event drew the participation of nearly a hundred students, all brimming with enthusiasm.On the second day, the  faculty of clothing and textiles conducted a captivating demonstration on crafting utility baskets from leftover fabrics. This unique session not only imparted valuable skills but also instilled a sense of environmental responsibility in the students. Their active participation and keen interest underscored the success of this enlightening experience.Series of activities related to sustainability and revival of art will be carried out throughout the week long celebrations. Taking a step in remembrance of  our Father of Nation “ Mahatma Gandhi", the week will be concluded by an event on Khadi- fabric for future on October 3, 2023.  


»Home Science Students Brought Laurels to College 25.09.23

Sakshi Raj of B.Sc. Home Science, Sem-1, Mohita of Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics, Sem-1 and Avantika Sood of Sem-5 Dietetics stood 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively in Recipe Competition held at Max Superspeciality Hospital, Mohali on September 25th, 2023. The winning dishes included Ragi Modak, Millet Dahi Vada and   Millet based vegetable upma. Nearly 20 Students took part in the competition with their healthy, nutritious recipes like ragi cake , ragi paneer momos, ragi idli , millet based poha etc. The theme of the recipe competition was Millet - Based Snacks for workplace individuals. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal congratulated the students for bringing laurels to the college. She further appreciated the efforts of students for significantly contributing towards ongoing Poshan Abhiyan.



In continuation with Poshan Maah celebrations, Home Science College organised a one day training program for cooks cum helpers who prepare and serve mid day meals in government schools of Chandigarh.The training program included different components such as food safety, personal hygiene, nutritive value of foods, nutrition education, communication skills, malnutrition and methods of cooking.With the use of power point presentations, charts and posters, awareness lecture, quiz, short videos and nukkad natak, the Department of Foods and Nutrition effectively conveyed the important themes of the program.More than 50 cooks and helpers from around schools of Chandigarh attended the training program and gained insights and important information. The program ended with an interactive quiz session.Principal of the college Prof. Sudha Katyal urged the participants to gain maximum benefit from the training program and apply the knowledge in their daily working to ensure a healthy, nutritious and hygienic meal for the children.


»Workshop on Pitching Up of Business Idea in Home Science College 19.09.23

Innovation Entrepreneurship and Placement  Cell of Government Home Science College, Sector 10, Chandigarh hosted a workshop on 'How to pitch a business idea' in collaboration with Skill Labs on 19th September, 2023. The Guest speaker for the event was Mr. Himesh, Founder and CEO of Skill Labs. He presented an interactive session for the budding entrepreneurs of the college. The workshop was an initiative taken to educate and enlighten the students on the skills of pitching up of the business idea by following their passion. The students were encouraged to start their own startups and were guided through the various laws and procedures that are involved with the start of a business. Not only did this move established the confidence of the students, it also encouraged them to be job creators rather than job seekers. The students of BSc Home Science third year demonstrated their business pitches of digital startups with their products ranging from soy candles, home-made masteries, gluten-free cakes, crochet accessories, art products, paintings, quilling earrings, and herbal medicines.


The guest speaker illuminated the art of effective business pitching, marketing tactics, importance of teamwork, and related the need to handle problems through solutions and opportunities. He also offered a desirous opportunity to five selected students, who will be provided with a platform to expand and raise their businesses. Furthermore, these students will get a chance to showcase their products on a large scale, where their miscellaneous expenses will be sponsored. Through this, the budding entrepreneurs are encouraged to give their best performance and aim higher. The session proved to be very informative with an attendance of more than 60 students. The girls received confidence and motivation to work harder on their startups. Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal expressed her gratitude to the team of Skill Labs for sparing their precious time and sensitizing the students. She encouraged her radiant students to come up with new and innovative ideas and undertake more startups and look for seed funding through effective business pitches.




In the third cycle of the NAAC assessment, Government Home Science College, Chandigarh got A++ Grade with an Outstanding score of 3.56.  NAAC assessed the College under 7 criteria which included curricular aspects, teaching learning and evaluation, research, innovation and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression, governance, leadership and management and Institutional values and best practices.The college was awarded the highest grading in these parameters.Principal of the College Prof Sudha Katyal expressed her joy over this historic achievement and congratulated students, staff members and stakeholders. She said that for the last 5 years Govt. Home Science College is also topping in NIRF India Rankings amongst all the tricity colleges and is successful in maintaining its position in Top 100 Colleges of India, with 52nd Position in 2023.


»Poster Making Competition At Home Science College to Mark Poshan Maah Celebrations 13.09.23

To  mark the ongoing Poshan Maah celebrations, the Extension department of the college organised a poster making competition on Anaemia.More than 20  students participated in the competition covering various aspects like symptoms, type of food recommended, common causes and it's  treatment. The activity helped in spreading awareness on importance of women's health as anaemia is the most common health condition suffered by females.Principal of the college Prof Sudha Katyal encouraged the students to help spread the message of Poshan Abhiyaan.

»Demonstration and Tasting session of Millets with Tiny tots to Celebrate Poshan Maah 13.09.23

To celebrate the International Year of Millets and the ongoing Poshan Maah, students of Department of Foods and Nutrition and Human Development demonstrated making of Samak khichri and talked about its benefits with the tiny tots of Chaitanya Nursery School on the campus.Samak Khichri was served to over 50 children who thoroughly enjoyed it. The activity was conducted to develop a taste for millets in children right from the start.Principal of the college , Prof Sudha Katyal encouraged the children to eat millets and try the recipe at home as well.


»Students Secured Second and Third Place in Youth Symposium 2023 11.09.23

We are delighted to announce that two of our outstanding students, Vidhi and Avantika from B.Sc. Home Science have secured the second and third positions along with the cash prize of Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 2000/-, respectively, in the prestigious Youth Symposium 2023 (Essay Writing and Elocution Contest) organized by Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Chandigarh on the theme of “India’s Message of Universal Tolerance and Acceptance”. This remarkable achievement reflects not only their dedication but also the academic excellence fostered at our institution.The Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, congratulated the students for their remarkable achievements. She further emphasized that participating in a Youth Symposium and emerging as a prize winner is a testament to the hard work, and exceptional intellect of our achievers. The achievement of our students will serve as an inspiration to the fellow students. It also reflects the quality education and mentorship provided by our institution.

»Slogan Writing Competition at Home Science College to Mark Poshan Maah Celebrations 11.09.23

To commemorate the International Year of Millets and mark the ongoing Poshan Maah celebrations, the NSS wing of the college organised a slogan making competition on the benefits of millets.More than 50 undergraduate students participated in the competition. This activity helped to serve a dual purpose of spreading awareness on the importance of millets as well as enhancing the creative skills of the girls.Principal of the college Prof Sudha Katyal encouraged the students to apply their knowledge and skills from Lab to Land and help spread the message of Poshan Abhiyaan to the common masses.


»Awareness Session On Millets at the College 11.09.23

College organized an awareness session under the POSHAN MAAH celebration on connecting millets with health for educating adolescent girls . The session focussed on sensitising girls about benefits of millets.  A good response was received with more than 60 students participating.The event kicked off with a warm welcome followed by the presentation which was depicting  various types  of millets and  millets based on easy recipes . A quiz was conducted to evaluate their knowledge about the topic. A game was also played  for identifying  types of millets where beneficiaries participated enthusiastically and  received prizes. Principal of the college Prof. Sudha Katyal encouraged everyone to include millets in their diet as they are the sustainable crops of the future.


»Saranjeet kaur award 2023-24 (06.09.23)

Ms. Radha, B.Sc. (Fashion Designing) 5th semester and Ms. Avantika Sood, B.Sc. Home Science(Dietetics) 5th semester have been awarded Saranjit Kaur Award on 04.09.2023 for the session 2023-24 by Mr. Amarjit Singh Sidhu.

»Poshan Abhiyaan Celebrations Kickstarted At Home Science College 04.09.23

 Government Home Science College has acted as a one stop shop for all poshan related activities since the launch of Poshan Abhiyaan in 2018.In consonance with the theme of Poshan Abhiyaan 2023, the NCC cadets and Department of Foods and Nutrition conducted a cycle rally in some prominent areas of the city.The students carried slogans on the themes of poshan abhiyaan on smart bikes, an initiative of the Chandigarh Administration to reduce carbon footprints and adopt sustainable, environment friendly practices.Principal of the college Prof Sudha Katyal encouraged the students to conduct such extension and awareness activities through out the month to help spread awareness on importance of nutritional eating.


»Weeklong Celebrations at Government Home Science College to celebrate World Entrepreneurs Day 02.09.23

Innovation Entrepreneurship and Placement (IEP) Cell of Government Home Science College celebrated world Entrepreneurs Day in a weeklong celebration from 21st August to 31st August 2023. Various Stalls were put up by the students and budding entrepreneurs to mark the celebration of this event. It began with students putting up stalls of healthy recipes on 21st August. The student of B.Sc. Home Science Dietetics 3rd Year put up a stall of healthy chat and bhel. It was followed by Poster making competition for the students on August 24, 2023. More than 20 students participated in this event and made beautiful posters. Through this event, Students were made aware about Entrepreneurship and significant role played by an entrepreneur in job creation. First prize was won by Avantika of B.Sc. (H. Sc) 5th semester, followed by Tanu from CT winning 2nd prize and 3rd prize was won by Nupur of B.Sc. (H. Sc) 5th Semester. Then it was commemorated by Rakhi mela organized in the college on August 28, 2023. Budding entrepreneurs of the college displayed innovative and exquisite handmade products ranging from cakes bakery, jewelry items, paintings, handmade candles, healthy probiotic drinks to handmade rakhis. Various stalls witnessed a huge footfall and brisk sale. Students learned art of selling and marketing the products by exhibiting the stalls.
Principal of the college Prof. Sudha Katyal congratulated the winners and encouraged the students to keep up with spirit of entrepreneurship by participating in such events.

»College Clinches Silver Medal in Chandigarh Athletics State Meet 02.09.23

In a resounding display of athleticism and determination, Kashish, a student of B.Sc. Home Science has bagged a silver medal in the 1500 meter in the recently concluded Chandigarh Athletics State Meet organised by the Athletics Association Chandigarh. The athlete's determination, perseverance, and countless hours of hard work paid off in the form of a coveted silver medal.

The principal of the college congratulated the student for this remarkable achievement. This silver medal is a testament to the adage that hard work, determination, and passion for one's craft can lead to extraordinary success. She further emphasized that the success of this student serves as an inspiration to all our students, emphasising the importance of discipline and commitment in reaching one's goals. 

»NSS Wing of the College organised Nukkar Natak & Poster Making on the theme ‘Meri Mati, Mera Desh’ (14.08.23)

As a prelude to upcoming 77th Independence Day, NSS Wing of Government Home Science College organised Nukkar Natak & Poster Making on the theme ‘Meri Mati, Mera Desh’ to commemorate ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’. NSS Volunteers made beautiful posters on the given  theme and showcased their love for country. Volunteers also presented a Nukkar Natak in which they displayed the contribution of various freedom fighters in India’s struggle for independence. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal encouraged the students of the college to participate with full zeal and enthusiasm in all the activities in sync with the government’s key initiatives.

»Government Home Science College signs MoU with National Association for Blind 11.08.23

Government Home Science College, Sector 10, Chandigarh, signs an MoU with National Association for  Blind on 4th August 2023. This MoU will help to identify areas in the college where it can improve accessibility for blind students within the campus and towards educational materials. Earlier, with the help of the National Association of Blind, the college installed  NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) software,  allowing blind and vision impaired  students to use computers independently and access reading material.   This association of both the institutes can offer insights on making physical spaces, digital resources, and learning materials more accessible for blind and visually impaired students.
Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal expressed gratitude to NAB and added that; this MoU will prove instrumental in raising awareness about the challenges faced by blind students and will help to promote a more inclusive Society.


»Government Home Science College Celebrated 9thInternational Yoga Day, 2023 (21.06.23)

On the occasion of 9th International Yoga Day, Yoga Session was conducted online on the theme ‘Yoga @ home and yoga with family’. The theme focused the importance of yoga and how it benefited the masses in keeping them safe and healthy.The session was conducted by one of our own student, Shikha, who highlighted the significance of various asanasstarting with different Calana Kriyas. Different asanas were also showcased which included Tadasana, Vrksasana, Padahastasana, Ardhacakrasana, Trikonasana, Bhadrasana, Sasankasana, Vakrasana, Makarasana, Pavanamuktasna, Savasana and Kapalabhati along with explaining the importance of each asana. All the NSS Volunteers attended the session. Participants thoroughly performed various asanasas demonstrated and the session brought a breeze of freshness amongst them. Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college applauded the efforts of the all the participants who participated in the session with great zeal. She further highlighted that Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that leads to calmness, peace, confidence, and courage amongst individuals through which they can do several activities in a better & harmonious way. In her concluding remarks, she motivated the participants to make yoga part of their life.


»Home Science College Bagged Third Prize in Poster Making Competition (20.06.23)

Avatika, a student of B.Sc. Home Science bagged third prize in Poster Making competition organized by MCM, DAV college, Sec-36, Chandigarh to celebrate the International Yoga Day.  The poster was based on the practices of Asanas and benefits of yoga in day to day life.

»Home Science College attains 52nd Rank in NIRF India Rankings 2023 05.06.23

The college has maintained its legacy by securing 52nd rank at National Level and topped amongst all the colleges in Tricity, fifth time in a row, in NIRF India Rankings released by Ministry of Education, GOI. The rankings were announced by the Minister of State for Education and External Affairs Sh. Rajkumar Ranjan.For rankings, colleges were evaluated on the parameters of Teaching Learning and Resources, Graduation Outcome, Perception, Outreach and Inclusivity and Research and Professional Practice.The college has featured among the top 55colleges of India in the last two years and top 100 colleges in the last five years consecutively. Last year, the college scored 56.26 and attained 46th rank and this year obtained 52nd rank with the score of 55.94. Despite being a small college with limited resources and infrastructure, it is the only college in GovernmentandPrivate collegesin Tricitywhich could secure a position in the top 55 colleges at theNational LevelThis recognition stands as a testimony to the skill oriented education, cutting-edge research and innovation based courses provided by the college for the holistic development of the students at large. The principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal congratulatedthe students, teaching faculty, staff & Alumni for this remarkable and distinguished achievement. Dr. Katyal attributed this success to hard work and dedicationof the entire Home Science team. She further added that the college will continue to excel in all fields and work tirelessly towards its motto of " Knowledge for Service".


»World Envrionment Day 2023 Celebrated at GHSC 05.06.23

 Pledge Taking Ceremony was held in the college campus to raise the awareness about environmental protection and sustainability on occasion of the World Environment Day 2023 on 05.06.2023 by environment society Harita.Theme for the World Environment Day 2023 is under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, 'Ecosystem Restoration'. Teaching, non-teaching staff and NCC students participated in the pledge taking ceremony for the protection and restoration of the environment.Pledge as follows:


»Home Science College attains Excellent Grades in National Rural Institutions Sustainability Grading (NRISG) 05.05.23

Continuing its legacy of excellence across variety of fields and attaining ranks, Government Home Science College has attained excellent grades under National Rural Institutions Sustainability Grading (NRISG) in Chandigarh. The grade has been awarded by Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education(MGNCRE), Ministry of Education on various parameters of Sustainability like Green cover on campus, Surface water harvesting, Rooftop water harvesting, Rooftop solar system and Waste management. According to the college's Principal, Prof. Sudha Katyal, ongoing efforts are being made to maintain a sustainable and green campus. She conveyed her appreciation to the team members for earning outstanding grades.


»Viva- Voce of PhD Student Conducted Successfully in Home Science College 05.05.23

Public Viva- Voce presentation of PhD Student Bharti Goel  successfully conducted in Government Home Science College on April 6th,2023.  The title of the thesis is “Quality Evaluation and Metabolism Enhancing Potential of Value added food Products”.  More than 50 students along with Principal and teaching staff of the college, internal and external examiners and various stakeholders attended this Viva-voce. The college offers a doctoral program in three streams which are Clothing and Textiles, Human Development & Family Relations and Foods & Nutrition. Currently there are 29 students enrolled in PhD program of the college. Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal congratulated PhD scholar on successfully completing her research work and motivated others to keep up with good research work in the field of Home Science.


»Government Home Science College Hosts 53rd Annual Convocation Cum Prize Distribution 29.04.23

Government Home Science College organized its 53rd  Annual Convocation cum Prize Distribution function on 29th April, 2023.  As many as 190 Graduates and Post Graduate students were conferred with the degrees. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Sh. Amandeep Singh Bhatti, PCS, Director Higher Education, UT, Chandigarh. The convocation began with academic procession followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal presented the Annual Report of the college. The report provided glimpses of the highlights of the college during the academic year 2022-23 as well as the illustrious achievements of the students  and faculty members in all spheres. The college magazine Pratibimb  depicting the glorious progress made by the college during the session 2022-23 was also released.

In addition, prizes were awarded for a number of co-curricular activities. Preesha Satija from M.Sc. (H.Sc.) 2nd Semester was awarded the best all round student of the year, Kiran Rawat from B.Sc. (FD) 6th Semester won Dr. Devi’s Award for being the most compassionate and helpful student of the college.To boost the idea of entrepreneurship, and skill building, College initiated Sinder Kukar Best Entrepreneur Award. Ekta Gupta from M.Sc. Clothing & Textiles was awarded the best entrepreneur Award for the year 2022-23 for running up her start-up Fashion Buff.

Honorable Chief guest, Sh. Amandeep Singh Bhatti congratulated all the students and encouraged the young girls to follow their dreams and work passionately towards achieving them. He congratulated all the prize winners and advised the students to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in their fields Chief guest urged the parents to let their wards fly off and grow in their career path. He applauded the efforts of the Principal and staff of the college in building entrepreneurial skills and guiding them for under taking their startups. Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal, congratulated the prize winners for keeping alive the unparalleled tradition of excellence of the college. Advising the students to never rest on their laurels, she further encouraged them to use knowledge, skills and experiences to converge themselves into global change maker and leaders. 

»Discussion on Millets for Holistic Health for Sustainable Development at Home Science College 21.04.23

In observance of Civil Services Day as well as to dissnimate the idea of Swasth Bharat, Government Home Science CollegeChandigarh organised a discussion on holistic health. The main theme of the event was the role of millets in reducing the burden of non communicable diseases. This was followed by demonstration of millet based recipes by the students of Department of Foods and Nutrition.Millets are sustainable crops which are rich in soluble fibre and micronutrients thereby resulting in lesser incidence of non communicable diseases.The students after the discussion prepared and demonstrated various millet based recipes.The role of nutrition in health is manifold and millets being the wonder grains and grains of the future, play an important role in maintaining good health and sustainability.The use of millets in our daily lives can definitely help curb the onset of common non communicable diseases like diabetes and anemia. Prof. Sudha Katyal (Principal) appreciated the innovative recipes the students demonstrated by the students and advised everyone to incorporate millets in their daily diet.


»Tread Mill worth Rs. One lakh sponsored for Students’s Gym 15.04.23

An NRI Dr. Narinder KukKar from U.S.A sponsored Tread Mill worth Rs. One lakh for Student’s Gym. This kind gesture was in memory of his late sister  Ms. Sinder Kukkar  who taught in the college from 1962-64.The tread mill will facilitate the students to meet their fitness goals along with studies. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal expressed her gratitude for this kind gesture of Dr. Kukkar.

»Campus Placement Drive-2023 Organised in Home Science College 12.04.23

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Placement Cell of the college organized Campus Placement Drive- 2023 on April 12, 2023 for Undergraduate, Post Graduate, PhD and alumni students of the college. The event witnessed a huge rush of prospective candidates appearing for interviews. Regional Employment Exchange UT, Chandigarh participated in this drive to sensitise and register the students for employment avenues in their respective fields. Various companies prevalent in the field of Health and Fitness, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Guidance and Counselling visited the campus to interview the students.  Visiting companies included Fitelo, Mohali, Nestle, Chandigarh, Fortis Hospital and Max Hospital, Mohali, Arya Hospital, Manimajra, Chandigarh , IIFA, Ambala City, Akriti by Shakun, Patiala, Space Rhythm Interiors, Mohali, Crayons, Chandigarh, AADI Career Guidance and Counselling Centre, Chandigarh. Approximately 100 students from various streams registered for this drive.
The event started with a Career Building Session, wherein Mr Kamal and Ms Jyoti from Regional Employment Exchange, UT Chandigarh oriented the students about the National Career Service Portal of the GoI, where students can register themselves and seek employment in public and private sector. The session was concluded by Ms Ishani, HR Consultant from Fitelo. She along with Senior Dieticians Kirti and Shelly shared their working experience at Fitelo with the students. Ms Ishani also emphasised on having learning attitude to work in a startup company.  Senior Counsellers from Arayan Hospital  oriented the students about career prospects in guidance and counselling. After this session, the interview rounds were conducted. More than 25 students have been shortlisted for final placements. Three of students were given pre placement offer at package of 3lacs per annum.Principal Prof Sudha Katayl motivated the students to participate with zeal and fervour in the campus placement drive. She urged the students to develop technical and soft skills to perform better in interviews.