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»Hands on Workshop of Anganwadi Workers successfully conducted at Home Science College 12.12.19


Hands on workshop of Anganwadi Workers was successfully conducted at Government Home Science College, Chandigarh. The Chief Guest for the valedictory session was Mrs. Navjot Kaur, Director, Social Welfare Department, Chandigarh Administration. The emphasis of the workshop was focused on Early Childhood Care & Education wherein Anganwadi workers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between children and their holistic development. Various technical and demonstrative sessions were organized to aware Aaganwadi Workers covering numerous domains of development and significance of early years. Various topics like inculcating creativity and scientific temperament in children, physical and motor development, cognitive development, socio-emotional development, theme based curriculum, child safety and abuse, language development, common diseases and immunization, story telling and puppetry, music and dance for children, assessment tools and techniques, partnership with parents and community, planning and organization of an ECCE center and common behavioral problems of pre-school children, were  covered. Demonstration on low cost nutritious recipes was also conducted to make Anganwadi workers aware regarding the nutritional needs of children. Principal cum Course Director Prof. Sudha Katyal, appreciated the efforts of resource persons and applauded the enthusiastic involvement of Anganwadi workers throughout the training. Mrs. Navjot Kaur was highly delighted by zeal of Anganwadi Workers and praised the efforts of Home Science team for the successful conduct of the program. Anganwadi Workers gave highly positive feedback regarding the workshop and the way it was conducted.  


On the third day, in workshop cum training of Anganwadi workers, a second batch of 45 workers joined. Various technical sessions were held at two separate venues.

In the ongoing batch, demonstrative sessions like inculcating creativity and scientific temperament in pre schoolers were held. The main focus of the training is on Care and Education of Children in 0-6 years of age as it is rightly known as  “Plastic Age” because it can be moulded with suitable environment and perfect guidance.

In the new batch, after introductory session, various technical and interactive sessions on language development and curriculum transactions through theme based approach were held.

Principal and Course Director, Prof. Sudha Katyal also enlightened Anganwadi Workers on various skills and qualities which are quintessential for their work.

The workshop is funded by MHRD under Samagra Shiksha, Chandigarh.


»Menstrual Hygiene Campaign at Government Home Science college 10.12.19

Government Home Science college conducted menstrual hygiene campaign for  students in collaboration with Unicharm’s feminine hygiene brand Sofy.  The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about menstrual hygiene by breaking myths and discrediting shame related to menstruation among girls students. Sofy distributed its  environment-friendly and anti-bacterial  premium quality sanitary pads free of cost to approximately 100 students in both B.Sc and M.Sc hostel. Girls were sensitized  to consider the menstrual phase as a blessing and  follow proper standards/methods of hygiene. Principal Professor Sudha Katyal emphasized on promoting such compaigns as they not only help the girls to manage their periods in a hygienic manner but also dispel myths and taboos related to this issue.



Workshop cum training of aanganwadi workers under centrally sponsored scheme of Samagra Shiksha was kick started today in the college campus. The week long training cum workshop aimed at imparting training to 90 aanganwadi workers in two batches with the objective of strengthening their skills  for early child care education to children in the age group of 0-6 years. The first day’s workshop comprised of four interactive sessions.


Mrs. Manjit Brar, Mission Coordinator, Samagra Shiksha, Chandigarh was the chief guest of the workshop. Course Director, Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college started with breaking the ice and stressed upon the fact that childhood early years are the foundation for future development providing strong base for learning abilities including cognitive and social development. Her second session included curriculum transactions through theme-based approaches. She further emphasized that early childhood educationis more than preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well being.


Major Neelam Kumari and Prof. Reetinder Brar also conducted sessions on factors affecting growth and development and developmental milestones. Prof Brar highlighted the importance of language development and progress in a systematic manner, encouraging listening skills, followed by communication skills and improving writing skills. The workshop is funded by MHRD under Samagra Shiksha, Chandigarh.



To mark the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution and raise awareness about the Fundamental rights as vital elements enshrined in the Indian Constitution amongst the students, teachers, staff and officials, NSS volunteers of Government Home Science College celebrated ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ by organizing a small talk on National Constitution Day. To acknowledge the contribution of the framers of the Indian Constitution regarding the prominent values, NSS volunteers made an effort to aware the audience about the background of framing the constitution. They also highlighted the importance of Indian constitution and emphasized upon the six fundamental rights as the basic human rights of all citizens. Furthermore, Preamble of Indian constitution was read out to the audience to emphasize upon the key components of the same describing each component in detail to add to the pool of knowledge of the students.


In yet another activity, NSS volunteers were shown a video film on ‘Dadra and Nagar Haveli’, a paired state U.T. to spread awareness regarding the culture, history and tourism. A lecture was also delivered to share the information regarding various tourist places, cuisines and culinary to make the students familiar to the place. This was followed by a quiz about Dadra and Nagar Haveli so as to add to the enthusiasm of thestudents.


Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, appreciated the efforts of the NSS team in generating awareness about the Indian Constitution and further motivated the students to actively participate in this year long national campaign ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ with full zeal and fervour.



To enjoy the beauty, entertaining qualities and feel the spiritual propensity of Music as a pure performing art, Government Home Science College organized ‘Indian Musical Concert’ to sensitize the audience about the array of melodic structures with musical motifs. Shri B.L. Sharma, IAS, Education Secretary, Chandigarh Administration was the Chief Guest for the day. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, florally welcomed the honorable Chief Guest and the performing artist Sh. Subhash Ghosh followed by lighting of the lamp.

Sh. Subhash Ghosh, Composer maestro and the senior disciple of Great Sarod Maestro Padmavibhusan “Ustad Amjad Ali Khan” was the main performing artist for the event. Specialised in the development of ragas in Gayakiang and “Dhuns” based on various ragas, his Dhuns striked a chord in everyone’s heart because of their purity and simplicity. To commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, he began with the composition of ‘Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye’. The enthusiastic and versatile artist played a unique combination of Veena, Sarod and Guitar, made from a single piece of wood and based on acoustic sound called “SARASVANI” that signified the melody of ‘white lotus’ and is redolent of his lifetime memorable experience; a divine moment of pure harmony and covered all the areas of imagination of Indian Classical music. While playing ragas everyone was wonderstruck by the swiftness of his hands and the rhythm of music cascading up and down. Sh. Mehmood Khan, Tabla player, was the accompanying artist for the concert.

Chief Guest of the event, Sh. B.L. Sharma, expressed his kind gratitude to the Principal and her team as well as the students for organizing such mesmerizing performance in the college. He further added that such enthralling performance transported all the audience in another world. He advised students to possess, practice and diligence as the most important virtues to achieve excellence in all domains of life.

Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal, expressed her gratitude to the Chief Guest, Sh. B.L. Sharma, for his auspicious presence and the legendary performing artist, Sh. Subhash Ghosh, for his charismatic performance in the extravaganza of music, culture and talent.



With an aim to promote the art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well-founded philosophy of Naturopathy amongst the students, Government Home Science College in association with Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship Development celebrated the Second Naturopathy Day on November 18, 2019 by organizing a lecture cum interactive session on the theme 'Mahatma Gandhi and Nature Cure’.

Dr Sukhbir Kaur Chopra, Sachtek Wellness Centre- Chandigarh, introduced the students about the concept of Naturopathy and its innumerable benefits in one's life. She emphasized on the importance of drug-less system of medicine to prevent diseases by altering diet and lifestyle. She highlighted that it can be easily integrated with any other system of healthcare as lifestyle intervention and the necessity to promote these practices in wellness centers along with allopathic medicine so that we get best of all systems of medicine. She made students aware of the promotive, preventive, curative as well as restorative potential of Naturopathy. She further brought into limelight the Gandhi way of promoting Naturopathy in one's life as he was a firm believer and keen practitioner of the same. She referred to India’s ancient sacred books to the extensive use of nature’s excellent healing agents such as Air, Earth, Water and Sun for the removal of root cause of the diseases from the rational use of these elements available in nature. She added to the knowledge of students that Naturopathy is a non-Invasive therapy involving the use of natural materials in Its treatment based on the theories of vitality, toxemia, self-healing capacity of the body and the principles of healthy living. 

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, expressed her gratitude to the guest speaker of the day for sharing her valuable knowledge with the students and further added that Naturopathy is not only a system of treatment but a way of life which includes a system of man building in harmony with constructive principles of Nature on the physical, mental, moral and spiritual grounds.



With an aim to alienate stress, depression and anxiety and to sustain a new life of positivity, Government Home Science College organized one-day workshop on Spiritual Counselling and Music Therapy sponsored by Punjab National Bank (PNB)Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal welcomed the resource persons for the day followed by the lightening of the lamp. More than 200 students participated in the workshop from different parts of the tricity.

Dr Richa Chopra, Head, Deptt of Behavioral and Contemplative Sciences, Sri Sri University, Cuttack, was the guest speaker for the spiritual counseling session. She beautifully shared the journey of her life with the audience and also played a video created by the Chinese people after being inspired by her iron will, integrity and unflinching commitment. With her spiritual integration, gifted foresight and immense self-belief, she highlighted the significance of an individual’s mind, body and soul and equated it with a person’s overall well- being. She emphasized on seven levels of human being which are body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and soul and regarding the nature of soul. She highlighted the significance of spirituality and leading the mind, body and soul to work in harmony. She brought into limelight the importance of enhancing a person’s spiritual side to live life to the fullest.

In the second session, Malvika Chopra seeking the attention of the audience by melodiously playing the sitar and arouse in them a stable state of mind and a feeling of calmness and relief. With the neuroscientific exploration in music therapy, she capitalized on the inherent strengths of classical music and the psychological impact of musical concepts and ragas. She emphasized music as an adjuvant therapy to aid clinical interventions.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, expressed her gratitude to the resource persons of the day and further encouraged the students to adopt the power of spiritual and musical therapy to enhance the feelings of life satisfaction, experience of hope and optimism in oneself.



To motivate the students to collectively participate in the fight against corruption, Government Home Science college observed Vigilance Week 2019 from October 28, 2019 to November 02, 2019. With an aim to raise public awareness regarding the detrimental consequences of corruption, various outreach activities and competitions were organized on theme- ‘Integrity- A way of Life’. Competitions included Poster making, slogan writing, declamation and quiz. As many as 100 students participated enthusiastically.

On the Valedictory day, Principal Prof Sudha Katyal warmly welcomed the chief guest Shri Vijay Kumar, Chief Vigilance Officer, Punjab National Bank. A nukkad natak was performed by the students of Panjab University and a quiz was conducted. Earlier during the week, students of the college had participated in the walk for unity at the Sukhna Lake. Ritika from Bsc First Year was awarded the first prize in poster as well as slogan making competition. Students were felicitated with awards and certificates for applaud able performance in the competitions.

Chief guest Shri Vijay Kumar,  informed the students about the effects of corruption on the growth of nation, inequality in the distribution of wealth and how it has proved to be a major factor in hindering development. A pledge was taken by everyone against corruption.

Prof. Sudha Katyal, highly appreciated the efforts of the students in promoting integrity and eradicating corruption. The college has joined hands with prestigious Panjab National bank for generating mass awareness against ill effects of corruption. A step in this direction has already been taken by forming an Integrity club in the college itself to foster the idea of “Corruption Free India”. She urged the students to make integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability, the buzz words as a part of our daily lives and to help give rise to a new India - a dream India of Sardar Patel.

»‘Plastic ka time up’ CAMPAIGN BY HOME SCIENCE GIRLS 24.10.19


The Environment Society, Harita, of Government Home Science College organized ‘Plastic Free Chandigarh Campaign’ to create awareness about the ill-effects of use of plastics. Students highlighted the toxic chemicals that leach out of plastic and harmful effects of its exposure to human health. In sync with National/ Chandigarh administration initiative on ban on one time use plastic, student volunteers attempted to make people aware of the better alternatives than plastic that can be used in our day to day lives. In this regard, poster making and slogan writing competitions were held. More than 100 students participated in these competitions. The campaign was sponsored by State Bank of India, Sector-10, Chandigarh. Sh. Rajesh Gupta, Regional Manager, SBI was the chief guest for the occasion. Mr Gupta also planted a sapling of Gulmohar tree on the occasion.

Environment society of the college also organized Anti- Cracker Campaign before Diwali to make students aware of noise pollution caused by fire crackers. The volunteers also made an effort to highlight health hazards and ill-effects of breathing polluted air, caused especially due to fireworks. Volunteers of environment society also took oath to pledge to protect our environment by avoiding the use of fire crackers on this Diwali.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, appreciated the students for their efforts in creating awareness amongst the masses and further informed the students about the profound and long lasting negative impact on the environment which cumulatively leads to acute health problems.




The students of Government Home Science College, Sector- 10, Chandigarh elevated another ladder of  honing entrepreneurial skills by participating in an event organized by Canara bank, Sector 34, Chandigarh  to promote women entrepreneurship on Oct 16, 2019. It was an excellent platform for the students to explore entrepreneurship as a practical aspect. The stall exhibited by the students included nutritious chocolates, mini donuts, healthy muffins, handmade jewellery. Mehndi stall along with Karwa Chauth special thalis and gifting sets were also put on sale by the students. Many creative ideas were also presented ranging from Diyas, Ganpati ji's and Torans put up by the students. The Mehndi stall proved to be a centre of attraction among visitors and staff members in the bank. All the students not only honed up their entrepreneurial talent but also generated income by selling. The efforts of students and faculty members of the college were highly appreciated by the Regional Manager and other dignitaries of  the Canara Bank.

The Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal appreciated the efforts put in by the staff and students. She encouraged the students to participate in all such events where they are groomed to keep up with the spirit of entrepreneurship and ‘Earn while they Learn’. 



The students of Home Science College organized a Karwa and Diwali Mela at the college campus. The mela provided a platform to help students showcase their creativity and talents. It was an opportunity to help them explore entrepreneurship as a practical aspect. It was an amalgamation of fun and learning where spectacular ideas were displayed and students learnt to hone their skills to displaying creative exhibits and selling. The mela was inaugurated by Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college.

There were wide array of stall ranging from nutritious chocolates, mini donuts, heathy muffins, sprout stuffed sandwiches, spring rolls, and other snacks on the occasion of World Food Day to promote the National Nutrition Mission. To make the visitors aware about their body mass index and fat content of the body, fat analyzer was installed and nutritional counselling was done.

Besides food stalls mela included stalls of handmade jewellery, canvas, bookmarks, greeting cards, pom-pom pencils, paper mashe products etc. The stall of cloth bags handstitched by the students witnessed a brisk sale during the exhibition. It was a unique initiative to promote ‘Plastic ka time up’. Mehndi stall along with Karwa Chauth special thalis and gifting sets were also put on sale by the students. Many creative ideas were also presented ranging from Diyas, Ganpati ji's and Torans put up by the students. Bright and vibrant colors formed the theme of the exhibition.

Indeed the highlight of the exhibition was unique quilled art pieces including, envelopes, theme based pencil covers, magnetic hangings, jewellery designed by SuNaina, a mentally and physically challenged girl working under the brand Loops n Knots. The college students collaborated with such budding entrepreneur to sell her unique quilled art pieces that left the visitors spellbound. The amount of enthusiasm from the participants and the talented works of the students was remarkable. A great response was received for all the stalls; they had a brisk sale and were sold out.

The Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal appreciated the efforts put in by the staff and students. She encouraged them to keep up with the spirit of entrepreneurship by racking their brains to think out of the box and to really ‘Earn while they Learn’. 



A conference ‘Curacion 2019’ was held at Chitkara University, Punjab on the theme “Newer Perspectives in the current Indian Healthscape” during which an intercollege Logo making competition was held on the topic- “Health and IT- a mélange’. Anupreet Kaur Sobti from B.Sc. (Dietetics)- 5thSem secured 1st position in the competition after competing with more than 100 students from various universities and colleges of the tricity and various neighboring universities like Lovely Professional University, Panjab University, Panjab Agricultural University- Ludhiana, Panjab Technical University, Chandigarh University etc.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, appreciated and congratulated the student on her brilliant performance as she brought laurels to the institution.



Under the umbrella of ‘Swachhta Abhiyan’, as many as 30 NCC Cadets of Government Home Science College visited ISBT Sector-17, Chandigarh under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Neelam Kumari.

Cadets took an initiative to undergo Cleanliness Drive in the sector. Cadets actively participated by cleaning the roads, pathways, boards, letter box etc. They also made an effort to aware the masses about the harmful effects of plastic to our health and how it is degrading the cleanliness of our environment. They further discussed the alternatives to plastic bags with shopkeepers and roadside vendors and further encouraged them to aware other people around them as well. 


To make students realize their responsibility towards the society and to empathize with people around them, students of B.Sc. (ATD)- 3rd year and B.Sc. (Composite)- 3rd year, visited ‘Shishu Greh’- an orphanage in Sector-15, Panchkula under the aegis of the Haryana State Council for Child Welfare. The visit was planned in context with Extension Education activity under the guidance and supervision of Mrs Shalu Gupta.

Students greeted all the children with tons of love and interacted with them to know more about them, their experiences, education and many more. The children were all charged up and full of life and the students of our college danced and sang along with them, conducted a drawing competition and enacted a play on ‘Say NO to plastic tiffin’ making them feel elated and that they are being taken care of in every possible way. Students also discussed with the management authorities about the working of the place, education of the children and their collaboration with schools and various barriers they face during the working of the organization. Students also contributed by donating a few eatables and stationary items for their daily use. The meeting was enlightening and motivated the students to take more steps in making people’s lives worth living and sharing their world with them.



As a contribution towards the neglected citizens of the society, students of B.Sc. (HDFR)- 3rd year and B.Sc. (IDRM)- 3rd year of Government Home Science College visited the Senior Citizens Home, Sector- 15, Chandigarh under the guidance and supervision of Mrs Shalu Gupta.

Students greeted the people with great enthusiasm and performed a number of activities like singing, dancing and enactment of puppet show. To sensitize the students about the predicaments and problems of aged people, students also interacted with them to know about their life experiences and lessons. Senior Citizens also shared about their journey from their homes to the old age home. Students also discussed with the management authorities about the working of the place and the various problems faced during the working of the organization. To become aware of the joy of serving and to discover empathy within themselves, students contributed by donating odonil, shampoo, hair oil and biscuits for their daily requirements. 



To make NCC cadets aware about ‘Mega Pollution’ and ‘Poshtik Aahaar’, a lecture cum interactive session was organized at Government Home Science College. The event was conducted by Sh. N.K. Jhingan, Secretary of Environment Society India (NGO), Karuna Sadan in the presence of Major Neelam Kumari, ANO of the Home Science College.

The session began with an informative introduction about environmental issues accompanied with presentation of videos related to earth, effects of plastic on earth and aquatic animals. It was an interactive session with suitable examples that enlightened the students about the necessity to save our environment. Mr. Jhingan further emphasized on the importance of consuming food items free from pesticides to protect the human health.

He highlighted that with an increase in number of restaurants, there is a simultaneous increase in hospitals. To save animal health he also focused on plastic free environment.  He motivated the NCC cadets to become more aware of their participatory actions towards the environment and gave various solutions like use of fabric bags, reusable cutlery, etc. The cadets pledged for a plastic free environment and to motivate others to do the same.



Investiture ceremony of the Student’s Council was held on September 28, 2019. The day began with great enthusiasm among the newly elected young leaders who pledged to serve the college for the ongoing session. In the recently held elections, Vaishali was elected for the post of President, Aditi as the Vice-President and Niharika as secretary cum treasurer of the college. Other posts of the council included Class representatives of undergraduate and postgraduate classes, NSS incharges, NCC incharge, sports incharge, environment incharge, press and literary incharge, placement incharges and cultural incharge. The members of the council took an oath to work towards upholding the values of integrity, discipline and morality and to commit themselves to serve the institution as well as fellow students.

Prof Sudha Katyal, Principal, congratulated the council and spoke about qualities of a good leader. She applauded them for their desire to serve the college and their fellow students. She also suggested them to stay humble and grounded and be a true leader who can inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. At the end, she also expressed heartiest thanks to the previous council for lending unrelenting support during various college functions and events.



Under the umbrella of Poshan Maah, students of Government Home Science College made an effort to generate awareness regarding one of the most importance Sutras of Poshan Maah i.e. ‘Personal Hygiene’ amongst teaching staff, students of the college, lab staff, office staff, Class IV employees, maalies, sweepers, mess and canteen workers.

Students highlighted the importance and need of Personal Hygiene and Sanitation in our lives through lecture cum interactive session and also demonstrated the hand washing techniques as proposed by WHO. Students also enlightened the audience with this important message through a nukkad natak that informed them when and how to wash hands.

In the second half, students also visited the Bhaskar Colony, sector-25, Chandigarh and organized a Poshan Rally informing the masses about the Panch Sutras of Poshan Maah and bringing into limelight the necessity of healthy lifestyle and nutritional well- being.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, applauded the students for their efforts and hard work in spreading the important message of Nutritional well – being keeping up with the theme ‘Har Ghar Poshan Vyavahar.’


Government Home Science College participated in 61st Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival 2019 which was held from September 24th to September 27th 2019 in Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector-42, Chandigarh under Zone B. 
Despite being a professional college with small strength, our college students showcased commendable performances in multifarious activities, bagged many prizes and made its presence felt at the festival. 
In Fine Arts, Rashmita of B.Sc. (Dietetics)-3rd Year bagged 1st prize in Poster Making Competition. Chetna Vats of B.Sc. Home Science-2nd year won 1st prize in Rangoli Making Competition. Vanshika of B.Sc. Home Science-2nd year bagged first prize in Hindi handwriting. Pooja of B.Sc (FD)- 3rd Year won 1st prize in dasuti making. College also bagged 1st prize in Skit.
In creative writing, Divyapreet of B.Sc. (HDFR)-3rd Year bagged 2nd prize in Story Writing. Amongst the Heritage Art and craft category, Rozen Kaur of M.Sc. (CT)- 2nd Year won 2nd prize in ennu making and Shikha Bansal of M.Sc. (CT)- 2nd Year won 2nd prize in knitting. 
In Music, college secured third position in both Bhajan and Group song category. Mrinalini of B.Sc. (Dietetics)-3rd Year won 3rd prize in Geet.  In literary items, Somya of M.Sc. Home Science-2nd year won 3rd prize in English poetry writing competition, whereas Harshpreet of B.Sc. Home Science-2nd year won third prize in English handwriting competition.  
Kajal Dubey of MSc (CT) 2nd year bagged third prize in khiddo making and in theatre items college won 3rd prize in one act play. 
Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college, congratulated the winners and highly appreciated the efforts of students and their mentors for their extreme hard work and dedication.



The NCC Cadets of Government Home Science College organized an awareness rally as a step towards promoting Healthy Lifestyle and Generating Nutritional Awareness for the general public and employees during the office departure hours in the evening at Mataka Chowk, Sector- 17, Chandigarh.

The rally witnessed participation of a number of cadets raising slogans on ‘Swasth Khao, Tan Man Jagao’; ‘Nimbu rakhey Jiwan nirogi’; ‘Salad khao wajan ghatao’; ‘Alsi,Kalongi upyog mein lao’. Priorly, the cadets attracted the mindfulness of passersby by holding banners, posters and placards in their hands with an aim to highlight the benefits of following healthy lifestyle. The masses were informed about the inclusion of fruits and raw vegetables in their daily diet and such vegetables and fruits should be consumed only after proper wash. They also brought into limelight the ill-effects of repetitive heated oil to our health in the cooking and instead encouraged the use of raw oil like til oil, kalongi oil, olive oil etc. in little amounts. Further the consumption of drinking more water, promoting personal hygiene and exercising daily by avoiding the intake of junk food was emphasized. The rally witnessed positive response from the public.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, highly applauded the cadets for their efforts in enlightening the masses about taking nutritive diet and further encouraged them to convey the message of the living healthy life through taking balanced and nutritious diet.



Conforming to the theme of POSHAN MAAH i.e. ' PERSONAL HYGIENE' Students of Government Home Science College, Chandigarh interacted with the all the street vendors of Sector-15 Chandigarh.

 They highlighted the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation and then demonstrated the technique for hand washing as proposed by WHO. Vendors were also informed about the importance of use of head covers and gloves to avoid the transmission of diseases from one person to another especially consumers.

 Principal of the College, Prof. Sudha Katyal, highly appreciated the initiative taken by the students to generate awareness regarding proper personal hygiene in our lives.



With an aim to aware people about ‘Preventive Healthcare Tips' under the Poshan Maah, the NCC cadets of Government Home Science College conducted an interaction cum awareness generation activity amongst patients and attendants of Govt. Multispecialty Hospital, Sector- 16, Chandigarh.

The cadets generated awareness regarding the benefits of various herbs like parsleykalongi, basil, fennel, peppermint, bay leaves, Aloe Vera and coriander powder etc. in daily diet during various common diseases as a preventive healthcare tip.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, appreciated the efforts of NCC cadets and further encouraged them to keep their spirits high in making the masses aware about nutritional health and its role in our lives.



To aware students about ‘Poshtik Aahaar’ as one the most important themes of Poshan Maah, the students of Government Home Science College conducted an awareness generation activity on Poshtik Cakes. Students prepared and demonstrated the nutritious cakes and also highlighted the benefits of various ingredients added to them to make them healthier and tastier.

Principal of the college,Prof. Sudha Katyal, applauded the efforts of students and appreciated them for their innovation in making food nutritious and further urged them to maintain good nutritional status.


Government Home Science College organized an exquisite exhibition on the theme “PARAMPARIK KARIGARI” to promote Indian heritage and Handicrafts by providing a platform to their students to showcase their creativity on a different media and further boost women artisanship. The exhibition began with lightning of the lamp by Mrs. Lippi Parida, Chief Guest of the event and a renowned artist. The exhibit comprised of handcrafted beautiful pieces of traditional art with embroidery, tie and dye with dash of block printing, subtle artistic hands on dupattas to add to its beauty. The collection was also extended to elegant table mats, table napkins and handkerchiefs, vanity of block prints with amalgamation of traditional and contemporary art.The exhibition also gave a platform to promote PHULKARI art by exhibiting the contemporary and old sanchi phulkari inspired art works by Virsa- an NGO.

A display and sale of products of home décor, key rings, earings and storage boxes designed with quilling art and handmade cards crafted by the college students was also a part of the exhibition. Paper bags made by the students also addressed to promote the newly launched scheme of Plastic Mukt Chandigarh. The innovations and creativity of the students was worth- praising.A large number of visitors mesmerized the best and vibrant collections by the students for the upcoming festive season.

The college also organized an Inter College cookery competition on Iron Rich recipes. The competition was an initiative towards making Chandigarh Anemia free. To promote the cause, large number of students from various colleges and hospitals of tricity cooked Iron rich recipes hygienically in the college laboratories and presented their delicacies innovatively thereby making them aesthetically appealing that urged a rising temptation amongst the viewers. Chirag from CIHM-42 was awarded the first prize for Spinach and Quinoa salad; Second prize was won by Chinkalpreet Kaur GGSD college,Sector-32 for her poha phirni. A general body Alumni meet and elections were also held later in the college.

Mrs. Lippi Parida was impressed with the diversity of creativity and talent. She highly appreciated the commendable efforts by the students and the faculty members and congratulated them for the success of the event. Furthermore, she highlighted that inter-college cookery competition organized at the college was the need of the hour to generate awareness regarding the importance of Iron rich food items which should be included in the diet of population particularly adolescent, girls and women. Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal of the college, applauded the efforts of the students and the faculty members for the conduct of plethora of events for creativity, cultural heritage, women empowerment as well as cookery competition on iron rich diet.


To celebrate World Ozone Day by educating the public about the role and importance of Ozone layer, the issues of concern related to Ozone layer depletion, mobilize political will and resources to address global problems and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity, Harita- Environment Society of Government Home Science College in collaboration with Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration, Earth Day Network India and YuvSatta-an NGO organized a number of Intra-college and Inter-college competitions on the theme ‘32 Years and Healing’.

Intra-College Competitions were Face Painting, Bookmark making and Slogan Writing whereas Inter-College Poster and Collage making contests were organized. As many as 150 participants from 11 different colleges participated in the Inter College Competitions. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, welcomed Mr. Dabendra Dalai, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden, Chandigarh, CEO CREST, the Chief Guest for the event. Prizes were felicitated to the students by the Chief Guest to the winners for various Inter College and Intra College competitions. The Chief Guest congratulated all the students and the faculty members for the successful conduct of the event and further highlighted various factors responsible for Ozone layer depletion and the impact of interference of human activities on the same. He discussed the ill-effects of plastics and thermocols on the health of all living beings and our environment and further discouraged its use in our daily lives.He also urged the students to find alternatives to Plastics for the holistic growth of our Mother Earth. Convener of ‘Harita’- Environment Society of the College, Mrs Ranjana Sharma delivered the Vote of Thanks.


The NSS volunteers of Government Home Science College organized an awareness rally as a part of the ongoing Poshan Maah Celebrations as a step towards making people aware about the importance of healthy and nutritious eating.

The rally witnessed participation of a large number of students. The rally was flagged off in Central Plaza, sector- 17, Chandigarh in the presence of the NSS incharges Mrs. Seema Jaitly and Dr. Neha Sharma. The students holding banners, posters and placards in their hands chanted slogans for generating awareness amongst the common masses. Priorly, volunteers actively participated by making posters and writing slogans with an aim to highlight the benefits of Poshtik Aahar in our daily lives.

The students also interacted with the common masses and highlighted them about the after effects of eating unhygienic and unhealthy food. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal applauded and appreciated the efforts of the students and encouraged them to actively participate in creating awareness regarding healthy eating and healthy lifestyle in future as well.


Government Home Science College beamed with a whole new level of excitement and vibrancy as it witnessed a flash mob on the theme of Staying Fit as a part of the ongoing Poshan Maah celebrations at the college. More than 300 participants including faculty, non teaching staff, office staff, lab staff, class IV employees, mess and canteen workers and children of Chaitanya school along with their parents and students of the college were a part of this event. The Flash Mob aimed to promote the essential message of staying fit and eating nutritious food. The students turned up and danced to the aerobics tunes which was the main attraction of the event.

It was followed by sale and display of energy and protein rich recipes which included Jaggery and Sesame laddoo, Soya Bhurji, Soya Chunk cutlets, Potato Bread Roll and Mithi Bread. There was also brisk sale of nutritious Macaroni and Garlic multigrain bread. The dishes were relished and enjoyed by everyone. The event was a huge success to attract the audience and generate awareness on benefits of staying fit and eating healthy.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, appreciated the efforts of the students in promoting the importance of staying fit and eating healthy by inculcating nutritious foods in our daily lives and further encouraged them to spread this message to one and all.



The students of Government Home Science College conducted an awareness generation activity on nutritious recipes on the theme of the ongoing Poshan Maah. More than 100 participants which included faculty, non teaching staff and students of the college were a part of this activity.

Demonstration, preparation, sale and display of iron rich methi poori, channa and mint chutney was conducted to make people aware on how to make simple homemade recipes more nutritious. The workshop was enjoyed by everyone and the dishes were relished.

Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal encouraged the students to inculcate good eating habits and ensure to spread message of nutrition to one and all.

»Proud Moment For Home Science College At State Level Poshan Maah Celebration (06.09.2019)

Government Home Science College participated at the inaugural ceremony of Chandigarh Poshan Mahatsova at Tagore theatre, Chandigarh on Sept 6, 2019. The occasion was graced by His Excellency Honorable Governor Sh. VP Singh BadnoreAdvisor to Governor, Sh. Manoj ParidaDeputy CommissionerSh. Mandeep Singh BrarSecretary Department of Social Welfare Women and Child Development Sh. BL Sharma and a number of dignitaries from Chandigarh Administration. This event marked the convergence of all departments working under the Poshan Abhiyaan. It was moment of great pride and pleasure as Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal was awarded with POSHAN Abhiyan State Awardfor her outstanding performance, dedication and contribution in the successful implementation of Poshan ABHIYAN in UT, Chandigarh by, Deptt of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development Chandigarh Adminstration. The award was presented by His Excellency Honorable Governor Sh. VP Singh Badnore.

The college students enthusiastically exhibited more than 50 nutritious recipes on the theme of Poshan Maah which included iron rich, recipes for Diarrhea, Poshtik Ahar and Weaning foods showcasing diet diversification. The students of the college gave enthralling performance through a Nukkad Natak on nutritional needs of various sections of the society. The nukkad natak received a special words of appreciation by His Excellency Honorable Governor Sh. VP Singh Badnore, in his concluding speech of the programme.


To give momentum to Poshan Maah under India’s flagship programme of Poshan Abhiyaan, the NCC Girls Cadets of Government Home Science College conducted an awareness campaign cum demonstration drive regarding composting of Kitchen waste at Dainik Bhaskar Colony of Sector-25-D, Chandigarh. The drive is in sync with addressing the key areas of the Poshan Maah to spread awareness regarding Sanitation and hygiene in every nook and corner of the society and to promote healthy cooking practices among masses. The effervescent team of NCC gave a demonstration to the community women on ‘How to use Kitchen Waste to prepare Organic Compost’ to meet the goal for sanitation and hygiene at the household level. The viewers were excited and curious to know how it happened. They were provided with Plastic bins and Microbial powder to use their kitchen waste. They were also informed that they can use the compost in their gardens and can also become entrepreneurs by selling compost.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, encouraged the efforts of the NCC Cadets and provided them plastic bins which convert the peels of vegetables, fruits and left over food into organic manure with the help of microbial powder.


As part of the ongoing celebrations of Poshan Maah, students of Govt Home Science College demonstrated, prepared and sold nutritious burgers on the campus. More than 150 participants were a part of the activity. The beneficiaries were made aware of healthy food options which could be incorporated in junk food and improve nutritional quality and adequacy of the diets.

Principal Prof Sudha Katyal urged the students to pick up healthier food options and maintain good nutritional status as well as diet diversity.


Government Home Science College celebrated the first day of Poshan Maah keeping up with the theme ‘Har Ghar Poshan Vyavahar’. The theme signifies the concern to ensure that POSHAN reaches every household during Poshan Maah. In order to bring visibility and promotion to Poshan Maah, it aims to improve coverage of beneficiaries with health and nutritional awareness campaigns.

Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, inaugurated Poshan Maah celebrations at the college. Host of activities were conducted to generate awareness regarding the Panch Sutra for Maah i.e. First 1000 days, Anemia control, IDCF-Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight, Personal Hygiene and Awareness on Poshtik Aahar. The activities included a lecture on Poshan Maah and its importance, Nukkad natak, skit by the students and Preparation and display of Iron rich recipes to combat Anemia. There were more than 100 posters displayed on the various themes in the college premises. Diet clinic set up by the students of Foods and Nutrition department provided diet counseling to all the participants which included teaching, non teaching, office staff, class 4 employees and students of the college.

Prof. Katyal appreciated the efforts of the students and the faculty members to emphasize the need to use such healthy practices at home to ensure good health for one and all.

»Saranjit Kaur Memorial Merit cum Means Scholarship 2019

Simaranjeet Kaur and Reet (B.Sc. 3rd Semester), two meritorious students of the college were awarded with Rs. 10,000/- for the academic year 2019-2020. Dated(29.08.19)


Government Home Science College celebrated National Sports Day on August 29, 2019, to commemorate the birth Anniversary of Legendary Hockey Player of India Major Dhyan Chand . The day began with the early morning jogging and yoga training by the students with an aim to maintain balanced metabolism and improvise their athletic performance. They performed various ‘Asanas’ to improve respiration, energy and vitality. Students were informed about the benefits and importance of yoga in our daily lives.

Students played a number of games to increase their flexibility, muscle strength and tone. A large participation was witnessed during the event. The Physical Education Department also organized an Interclass Badminton Championship. The event commenced with great zeal and fervor amongst the students. Participation was reported in large number by the students. The Badminton Championship included both singles and doubles. About 25 girls participated in singles while 25 girls volunteered for doubles. All the girls participated with full sportsman spirit and unity. All the winners were felicitated with medals and certificates. Participants also included the Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff of the college. All impressive performances by the students and the faculty members (Teaching and Non- teaching Staff) kept the audience enthralled.

The Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal, congratulated all the winners and encouraged more of such participation by them along with their regular courses. She also appreciated the efforts of the organizing team headed by the Sports incharge Mrs Mona Soin for the conduct of the event and applauded all the participants for their outstanding performances.

»Talent Hunt cum Teej Celebrations (21.08.19)

Government Home Science College celebrated Teej and Talent Hunt Competition for the freshers. The day witnessed a host of activities which included singing, dancing, paper reading and poetry recitation. Students gave mesmerizing performances depicting culture and heritage of Punjab.

Akanksha Rakheja was adjudged as the best tashanbaaz.Prizes were also awarded in the category of singing, paper reading, poetry and dancing.The most sensual performance was won by Deepanshi and Nifiya was adjudged the Fresh performer.Divya bagged the first prize in the singing category whereas Ashwinder and Nimran were awarded first prize in poetry and paper reading respectively.

The prizes were sponsored by Red FM. RJ Anubhav and RJ Karan along with the students added fun and frolic to the event with their on stage presence.

Principal Prof Sudha Katyal congratulated the students on their stupendous performances and encouraged them to be connected with their culture, heritage and tradition.


Government Home Science College celebrated Akshay Urja Diwas in order to sensitize our young generation regarding the need of harnessing renewable sources of energy while conserving renewable ones by various creative media. Various Inter-college and intra-college competitions were held namely Poster Making, OHP Sheet Painting, Placard Making, Face Painting, Poetry recitation, Group song and T-Shirt Painting on the theme "Impact of Akshay Urja in India". About 125 students from 11 Government and Private Colleges of Chandigarh participated in various competitions. Winners of Poetry recitation and group song mesmerized the chief guest and audience with their final performance. Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal introduced and welcomed the chief guest with great fervor and spearheaded the inter-college competition in the college.

Shri Debendra Dalai, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden Chandigarh, CEO CREST was the chief guest on the occasion.

Prizes were distributed by the Chief Guest to the winners for the various inter-college and intra-college competitions. The Chief Guest congratulated all the students and faculty members and advocated the importance of educated and enlightened manpower as the greatest asset to the nation and emphasized on the use of solar energy. He appreciated the efforts of the college in order to encourage the students to use renewable sources of energy. Convener of "Harita" – Environment Society of the college, Mrs.Ranjana Sharma delivered the vote of thanks.

»Orientation Program in Government Home Science College (19.08.2019)

A comprehensive Orientation Program to support new students as they begin their journey for undergraduate, post graduate and diploma courses was conducted in Government Home Science College, Chandigarh. The program began with welcome song by the students. Prof Sudha Katyal , Principal of the college encouraged the students to follow the basic ABCD of life where A stands for Attitude, B for Being Self Driven and self-motivated, C for accepting changes and challenges and D for being dedicated and disciplined. She emphasized to practice taming the mind so that the students can have positive thinking. She guided that mind can be programmed or conditioned to act like a thermostat with the help of numerous examples. She instilled the students to adopt 2D approach for cleansing of mind by developing delete button for erasing the negative thoughts and directing the knowledge into wisdom. She further explained the students to be intrinsically motivated and fuel a fire inside themselves. While encountering challenges students should accept changes gracefully and follow a disciplined routine to achieve their goals, she added. She inspired the students to be extra ordinary in all spheres of life.

Bramhakumari sister Anita , the guest speaker of the Programme motivated the students to understand the real meaning of life and balance out their energies and thoughts internally. She preached the students to follow basic principles of happiness, peace, love, purity, greatness, power and wisdom in their life

The Heads of various departments introduced themselves and gave a brief outline about their subjects and courses. Students were apprised on diverse aspects concerning them like scholarships, placements, fee concessions, anti-ragging, examination rules, student elections, NSS, NCC, hostel rules, as well about various clubs like Environment, Red Ribbon, Dramatics, Happiness and Well Being, Ginger Club etc. where they can showcase their talents. The Programme concluded with taking all the students around the college with the aim of making them acquainted with college departments and infrastructure.


Government Home Science College in collaboration with Fortis hospital, Mohali observed NATIONAL BREAST FEEDING WEEK as part of their extension and outreach activities on the Theme: “Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding: Now and for the future!”

More than 100 beneficiaries from Anganwadi and villagers of Kishangarh formed the target audience. Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Neonatologist from Fortis and Dr. Rabia, Lactation Consultant, addressed the audience and demonstrated the right technique to breastfeed.

Students exhibited a nukkad natak on importance of breastfeeding and gave a demonstration of some healthy weaning recipes. The celebration included poster making and slogan writing competition.

Principal, Prof. Sudha Katyal, congratulated the students for spreading an important message and creating awareness amongst the masses about the importance of breastfeeding and keeping in sync with the goals of the government.


A campus placement drive was organized by the placement cell for the final year students of M.Sc., B.Sc. Home Science and Post Graduate Diploma students as an effort to equip them with job oriented skills as well as to provide placement opportunities.

More than 20 leading companies from various industries approached the campus in their hunt for fresh talent like Fortis Hospital- Mohali, Max Hospital- Mohali, Shalby Multispeciality Hospital- Mohali, Krishna Enterprises, Seabird International, EcoIndia, Health Biotech, Patanjali, Axis Bank, Leom International, Bhartiya AXA, ICICI Logo, Competition Guru, Diala bank, GsoI, Ishh Guidance and Counselling Centre, Teleperformance India Ltd. Regional Employment Exchange U.T., Chandigarh also participated in the drive.Mrs Sanjeeda Beri,REO and Mrs Meenakshi Goyal SREO, U.T. Chandigarh registered the students on Government of India’s National Career Service Portal to explore further job opportunities in future.

A huge footfall was experienced with more than 100 students and alumni registering for the same. More than fifty percent students were shortlisted for two to three jobs and offered an average salary package of Rs 2 lac per annum on final selection. Majority of the students were offered internships which would pave the way for further employment. The Principal of the college Prof. Sudha Katyal attributed the success to the whole team and urged students to benefit from such activities and gain experience to emerge as successful home scientists.

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